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God’s amazing answer! (Anita)

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If you saw the presentation about Thailand, you probably heard about a girl named Som-yueng. She lived here at school, and when she got older, her parents sold her. In the presentation we were called to pray for her, so that the missionaries might raise enough support to return her to school. January 6,2013 Som-yueng was brought back and is now enjoying her time at the Avoda school. We had a chance to witness this amazing God’s work!!! I am so excited to see God’s power and His mighty hand every day!!!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 00:00

New Missionary Friends – 1/25/13 (Serge)

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countries. They travel with LOGOS HOPE Ship that sails from one country to another, containing over 400 missionaries that sacrificed themselves for 2 year contract to serve the Lord in any country that the ship drops them off.

They do any work that is needed to help the spread of the gospel. They try reaching people of all countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Spain, Africa, etc…) by providing physical help, medical aid, evangelizing, or just washing dishes or cleaning floors.

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