Dear friends, we invite you to the site of the Salvation Baptist church in State College.

Our site, as well as the doors of our church is open to all who wish to learn more about God and the joy of living in Him. We believe that only God gives you answers to the most important questions of people.
His Word, the Bible, is able to explain the meaning of existence of the world, and give hope to the hopeless, to teach people to love God and to please Him. Only the Lord offers a genuine solution to the problem of human sin, guilt, fear and death, and fills the heart with peace, happiness and worship.
If you do not go to church, or are in search of it, we will be happy to serve you and welcome you to the Salvation Baptist church in our city.

Our church was founded in 1990 in the mountains. State College, PA.
The church is made up of immigrants of the former Soviet Union, although has local English-speaking visitors as well.
Services in the Church are conducted mainly in Russian and English languages.
Sunday services are translated by translators through the headphones into English.

All members of the church are Christian Baptist believers on the basis of Holy Scripture, the books of the Old and New Testament.
The church was founded and exists on the basis of the following principles:
--- Equality and unity of all members of the church on the basis of the Baptist Faith;
--- Non-interference in the political and public affairs;
--- Unacceptability of any internal church politics, conspiracies and divisions;
--- Any internal church relations are made only on the basis of genuine Christian love for one another.

Salvation church of the city State College is officially part of the United Slavic Baptist Churches of the East Coast of America, and maintains relations with the Slavic churches in the US and other countries.

We invite you to church all those who need help, or just in the council who seeks communion with God and of St him.
We hope that our church will be and your church, and your family home, where you can feel the warmth, understanding and love.

Pastor Gregory Cronin