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Black cobra Julia

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Черная кобра
Маленькие сокровища, которые можно найти на территории нашей школы :))
Но, к сожалению, они не всегда безопасны – змеи и ядовитые сороконожки на детской обуви, улитки поедающие паука, ящерица тукей в 30-40см, которая прогрызает в потолке дыры и сбрасывает к нам в комнату своих детенышей, множество летающих тараканов и позающихбукашек – не самое приятное, что можно встретить.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 18:29

There are no borders for God! Anita

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“ Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrew 11:1
This year we celebrated our anniversary of 7 years and of joy being together. With two kids and our tenth move to another place of residence, God gave us wonderful lessons to learn. Humbleness … thankfulness…. Continual service to Him in spite of people failing you and laughing at your failures, the doctors promising a child with Down syndrome; plans falling one after another; the husband getting into an accident, and the country erupting into war. God taught us to trust in Him alone. Only He is faithful, and He alone will not fail. … “Look at life from the perspective of eternity” … and “BELIEVE!”…

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 08:12

We are blessed by YOU!

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Dear Church, and friends,all around the World!
We are blessed because of you!!!
Your prayers, your support, your encouragement…

Sunday, 16 November 2014 18:30

Building up the Church in Mae Sot

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We come to the slum community once again. San stays behind to play with the boys and I, along with uncle Victor and our two students go to see the other children. We walk along the road, picking up kids as we go, Somying handing out candy. We come to the first community and are greeting with smiles. Wer’e not sure of what we must do, so we wait around and play with the kids. Our goal is to build relationships with the parents, but we don’t see many around. Soon after, our friend, a young Burmese man who speaks English very well, comes by with his friend. “Were having a celebration tomorrow,” he says. The kids start to blow balloons and hand them to us as we look for a place to hang them in the little shack. “You’re invited to come,” he invites us.

Saturday, 08 November 2014 18:32

Lingering Memories

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There are a few things that stay in my mind after today’s visit into the slums, where our students in Mae Sot live.Some I wish I had taken a photo of, some, I wish I could do something about.

A little smiling girl, cheeks smeared with white powder, playing with tiny lids from juice bottles. Pretending to cook, she doesn’t know of colorful plastic sets of kitchen utensils that other children play with. For now, she contentedly stirs a small plastic stick in a lid smeared with sauce.

Sunday, 26 October 2014 18:34

Building Relationships with Professionals

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It is Sunday evening and the Lord is telling me to check up on the girls at their living quarters. I really don’t want to go.. I want to go home and rest. I go. Every time I don’t want to go, it turns out to be a blessing.
This evening was without exception.
One of our youngest girls is sitting on her blue blanket on the floor with a book. We read a bit.She looks happy, I am glad I came. In half Thai and broken English, she tells me the latest news.
“I called my mom and dad! I asked my father if he drinks, and he said no. I asked my mom to make sure and she said no! God answered my prayer!”
Every evening now for a while, she had been praying that her father stops drinking! The Lord has called me to witness His work in the life of our students.
One other precious girl lay on her blanket looking downcast. “I miss my parents,” she said. I see now the Lord has also called me to minister to her. What perfect timing!
It is a battle to give completely of myself at all times. But every time I overcome my flesh, my Spirit rejoices.
“If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” Galations 5:25IMG_0519

Another surprise call comes in from the education department of Tak asking for a foreign English speaker to come and teach at a seminar for supervisors of educators. It is school break and I am available. This time I will be joining two English speaking Thai teachers for 3 days of teaching English.

Monday, 29 September 2014 18:38

They dont want us to go….

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It has been a wonderful half year of teaching English in the neighboring Thai public school, and now it is time to say goodbye. The teachers ask us to come back the next semester. Over time we have developed relationships with them and even had opportunities to share bits of truth with them. These are not just unknown faces anymore. These are our friends.

One time over lunch, the teachers appeared to be scared about something. Turns out one of the teachers had  seen a ghost and that petrified everyone else. “Are you  afraid of  ghosts?” they  asked. This was the perfect opportunity to share of the power of our Great King and Highest Spirit. “What do you do? Do you use garlic?” they asked. “No, garlic has no life. I pray to the Highest Spirit and read the Bible. He protects me!”

Monday, 29 September 2014 18:37

New Disciples!

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The first time we saw them, they appeared nervous and unsure, not knowing what awaits them, tired from their long journey. Today the teens from Laos smile, eager to learn and enthusiastic in school and work.
We set a goal to teach them English, certain trades, financial freedom and most importantly, the Bible. We plan for them to stay here for 3-6 months, learn the Bible, English and different jobs so that they can bring back Truth and skills to their country for the furthering of our King’s kingdom. Our God-given dream is to have hundreds and thousands of teens pass through Avoda. We want to set teens free from the cycle of spiritual and physical poverty and the limitations that come with it.


Sunday, 22 June 2014 18:39

Divine Appoitments (Kristina)

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It was no surprise to Anita and I when two tourists walked by us at the park and started a conversation. It was no surprise when the young girl joined us in painting. We have been in many situations where the Lord brought people our way to whom we could testify. This moment, we sensed, was another divine appointment planned in heaven, and we were right in the middle of it!

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