Tuesday, 09 June 2015 15:49

Daily battle with the chickens

Written by Iliya Stefanovich

It is exciting to have wild life in Avoda. It is nice to see our cows walk by, grazing on trees and whatever is left of the grass after the dry season. Mother hens with their chicks, pecking the ground,looking for food. Small wild pigs running around, chasing each other for that one fish head. However, with a zoo come a few minor challenges. Keeping certain animals or birds out of the kitchen has become a skill one needs to learn here.

Keeping the floor of our kitchen clean for longer then half a day is a great endeavor. The chickens keep getting in, looking for food, leaving after themselves chicken messes.They fly in through the bars of our kitchen wall, climb in through the little slits between the floor and surrounding fence and sneak in when someone accidentally leaves the gate open. Our walls are not chicken proof. I don’t know if you can even call them walls. Anyways, putting up a net around the bars of our “wall” didn’t cut it. The little chicklets fly in anyway! They stand on whatever object is outside and take off. If they can fly into a tree, nothing can stop them!

The one joy I get when a chicken does get in is seeing San our coworker running after the chickens, grabbing them and sending them back on their way.

The not so fun part is having to clean the kitchen floor 3 times in 2 days! This time, I did not have the honor of doing that, but allowed the boys to take on that privilege…


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