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God does miracles

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Students of Avoda come to Christ with faith that is alive and accept Him as their personal Savior.

More than once we have witnessed how God works: He takes away everything a person could boast about and shows us who really is worthy of Praise. He blesses with His strength and uplifts the weak and lowly in the eyes of this world. We thank you for your support and prayers. Because of your prayers and Gods mercy, we are still here today.

One of my students, Pyo was able to compete in an international knitting competition. Because of God’s grace, she won first place and got a gold medal which belongs only to Him. Because of that she is now able to earn a bit of income by taking orders from people and is also able to help me teach other students. So far our class consists of 4 girls but we have room for growth. These girls are very interested in learning and take any opportunity to knit, whether it’s during recess, during lunch or after class. Glory to God that they are so open to learning.

One of my students from Laos Lai, accepted Christ as her Savior and witnessed about her commitment to Christ. But her family is extremely against her new faith. Please pray that her faith increases and becomes unshakable even in her living conditions at home.

The students and I had a blessed opportunity to visit the villages surrounding our school. We made home-made cookies, put them in little bags with notes of congratulations, and gave them out to our neighbors, relatives of our staff and kids that come to our classes, to store owners and to law enforcement officials.

We came home shivering from the cold and the dark night, but with warm hope in our hearts that the seeds that we sowed would bring fruit. Please pray for the children that come to our school twice a week, and for their families, as they are Gods little warriors in this battle field of life.

Lately we have more free time and are happy that we are able to spend that time with our students. Sa and Kaydzhe are the two youngest and need a lot of attention and affection. So often, their thankful hearts and joy of life are a great example to me. Please pray for their little souls and their physical wellbeing.

Today we are facing the difficulties of readying all necessary paperwork for us to stay in Thailand for a while longer. We believe that God’s hand will deliver us from all these difficulties so that we may continue to be a blessing to these students. Please pray for our faith in God alone, that He is able to help us through this.

We thank you for your support and pray that Gods peace would fill your hearts, that His love would abide in your homes, and that your lives would be filled with faith in the Almighty.

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