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A peek into the lives of the Burmese children (Kristina)

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Two young boys eagerly come to see us every Saturday we arrive at the school in Mae Sot. The last time they spent a long time behind the computer singing worship songs in Burmese and asking me to turn on the song bless the lord o my soul. They walk around at times, not sure of what to do, then next thing I know, they are either watering the plants all over the school grounds with just a bucket or sweeping the floor of the house. These two boys live with their grandmother in a small room who often brings us food over. They spent time teaching me Burmese and share their one and only container of yogurt.

We arrive at the house settlement of a few of our students. The site stops me in my tracks. Small beautiful children, in a barn filled with cows and bulls play hide and seek amidst the hay stacked in a corner. There clothes are torn and dirty, but they are smiling. An older girl counts as the rest do there best to hide, still clearly visible from behind the few objects that offer a hideout. The older girl strikes me with her open heart. We come to visit the next weekend. She longs to join us but has to wash clothes. We found out a bit more about her. She is 14 years old and doesn’t have an opportunity to come to our church or to go to school because she has to work. It is sad to see such a girl with no opportunities. The one thing we can do at this point is to give her a Burmese Bible and pray for her. The kids gift us with starfruit and run after us as we leave on our bikes. They stand and wave goodbye, looking after us.

The best site yet is two of our Burmese girls speaking the Bible story to the Burmese children in their own language. It was not me a foreigner standing their with the Bible visuals, but their very own people in their very own language. These are the fruits that come after several years of planting and watering the seeds into these souls.

We go on a bike ride to visit her mother. She testifies to the changes in her relationships with other students. It is such a joy to here of the changes the Lord is creating in the life of this Burmese girl.

Praise the Lord!

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