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Two prayers from different ends of the earth heard and answered by God

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“Be thou exalted, LORD, in thine own strength:so
will we sing and praise thy power”   Psalm 21:13

Dear Church of Christ, Grace to you and Peace from God!

Two prayers from different ends of the earth heard and answered by God:

"Dear Lord, I want to serve you, but please don’t send me alone” I prayed before going to Thailand.

At the other end of the earth, another prayer was sent to God “Heavenly Father, You sent me here to northern Thailand and I want to serve you, and if it is your will that I should have a helpmeet, please lead her to this place.

 God hears every prayer of his children and answers according to his sovereign plan. Every step of following Him, teaches us to trust God.

 My decision to come to Thailand was not an easy one, because this time, God had other plans for Kristina and Natasha, who were not coming with me to Thailand.  I was not too happy with this turn of events, but God gave me peace in my heart that I was to go, even if it was alone this time.

It is here in Thailand that God has shown me his wonderful plan.  Sean is responsible for the church and the services in Avoda among the Mien tribe and other tribes who live here. Sean’s life and his trust in God is an encouragement to many.

“I knew Anita before this, because we were in the same ministry in Avoda.  When she came to northern Thailand, I saw her serving heart and her desire for God.  She became a big help in the ministry and I was confident that God undoubtedly sent her here.  After a discussion that we had, we clearly saw God’s hand in that He united our lives to establish a Christian family and to continue to serve him in the ministry that God has called us to do here in Thailand.”

We are in need of your blessings and prayers:

Sean is responsible for the services and the church and wants to be a good example to the younger generation in the church.  They are raised in non-Christian families, and many of them have never seen or know about marriage as it was intended by God.  We pray that we can be an example of a Christian family established by God and the values that God intended in a Christian family relationship.

The marriage ceremony.  That God would give us the wisdom how to unite our cultural differences and that through this, people may see God’s love and would have blessings through our marriage.  Through the English class we have obtained a lot of friends, both children and adults from three different nationalities.  We wish to invite them to our wedding ceremony and to share the Gospel with them.  Please pray that on our wedding guests may come to God.

To be able to find a place to live and transportation and in all these preparations to not forget about the most important purpose.

God answered to more than the above two prayers.  Thank God for:

  1. The rainy season and we continue to thank God for the water that we were in need of for almost two months.
  2. The building of the church is progressing.  God provided for our financial needs right the next day after we were out of finances.  One of the churches responded to our request and we were able to cover the roof and are now working on the floor.  There is enough work for everyone.
  3. One of the neighbors opened her house for the adults to gather together to learn the English language.  Thank God that through this, we can build relationships with the older generation.
  4. The school year has begun and we thank God for the new children that have come and can learn the English language and hear and learn about God.

Please Pray:

  1. For the completion of the church building and for the required material and necessities to finish the construction.
  2. In July a youth group from California will be leading a camp in one of the local schools.  Please pray for each heart that will be hearing the Gospel.
  3. For our adolescents, it is a great joy to see them starting to participate in the services.  Please pray for their spiritual growth and their firmness in the faith.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank each and every one who keeps us in their prayers and who supports our work in this ministry.  May God bless each one of you in every step of following Him.

Following in His Footsteps………to Thailand…….Mien tribe.

Anita and Sean

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