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Missionary Trip to Mexico

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From 18 to 27 November 2015, God made it possible for a group of young people from the church in the town of State College, together with brothers and sisters from the states of California, Washington and Oregon to make a missionary trip to Mexico.

  In total we had about 90 people. We traveled about 4 hours from the US border and stopped at the church where for several years a service is conducted with local residents. We were divided into eight teams, two of which went further south another 6 hours, and the rest did their work in nearby villages where there is a church.
We came to the village and went from house to house inviting children and adults to attend a service. Played sports games with the children, taught children's songs in Spanish, did crafts, conducted Bible lessons, as well as general meetings with adults. Every day we cooked food and fed everyone who came, gave some food home.
In each of the teams there was a local interpreter, so it was easy to communicate with the local people.
A trip to Mexico as any other short-term mission is a good encouragement not only for the local churches, but a good push in the proper biblical thinking. When young people see for themselves people in need, the hungry, the abandoned, the people who are fighting for survival, it produces in us a sense of compassion, mercy, love and caring for others. Those who left the poor countries they understand what is at stake when the church shows photos of the needy and hungry, but many who have grown up in America that cannot understand this.
Bless those who want to go back. Help those who dreams of going. Support those who have dedicated themselves to the missionary work.

Photo album with photographs can be found here. [button style="default" href="" target="blank"]Album[/button]

Glory and Praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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