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Life is a zoo here in Avoda. Mother hens with their chicks roam the property looking for food. Roosters constantly picking a fight, 3 lazy dogs, 2  cats that don’t get along, 4 fat wild pigs cooped away in a pen, and numerous snakes and lizards. The numbers in Avoda don’t  stop there. Last week we bought cows! We now have 5 mother cows and 3 baby calves, who appear in unexpected places, as they are free to go where they wish. Seeing them hiding under the roof of a bungalow was quite funny.



The arrival of the rainy season has brought many new friends along as well. Frogs and toads hop in the kitchen, bugs swarm over every source of light, causing us to turn off the light,  to  avoid accidental consumption of them.

The noises of nature here are beautiful. Crickets chirp all night long with frogs who join the choir with their low “ribbit.”  The lounge lizard we call Tookey makes his voice heard as  well. The cows moo loudly in the distance. Gekkos rattle quietly with their tails. And mosquitos make their high pitched buzz.

Another part that comes with a zoo is witnessing life and death. Hungry frogs  munching on bugs, the cat chasing  lizards for lunch, the Tookey creeping up on big bugs for dinner. The naughty dog chasing and killing the chickens.  It is a daily adventure here!

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