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Building Relationships with Professionals

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It is Sunday evening and the Lord is telling me to check up on the girls at their living quarters. I really don’t want to go.. I want to go home and rest. I go. Every time I don’t want to go, it turns out to be a blessing.
This evening was without exception.
One of our youngest girls is sitting on her blue blanket on the floor with a book. We read a bit.She looks happy, I am glad I came. In half Thai and broken English, she tells me the latest news.
“I called my mom and dad! I asked my father if he drinks, and he said no. I asked my mom to make sure and she said no! God answered my prayer!”
Every evening now for a while, she had been praying that her father stops drinking! The Lord has called me to witness His work in the life of our students.
One other precious girl lay on her blanket looking downcast. “I miss my parents,” she said. I see now the Lord has also called me to minister to her. What perfect timing!
It is a battle to give completely of myself at all times. But every time I overcome my flesh, my Spirit rejoices.
“If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” Galations 5:25IMG_0519

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