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There are no borders for God! Anita

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“ Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrew 11:1
This year we celebrated our anniversary of 7 years and of joy being together. With two kids and our tenth move to another place of residence, God gave us wonderful lessons to learn. Humbleness … thankfulness…. Continual service to Him in spite of people failing you and laughing at your failures, the doctors promising a child with Down syndrome; plans falling one after another; the husband getting into an accident, and the country erupting into war. God taught us to trust in Him alone. Only He is faithful, and He alone will not fail. … “Look at life from the perspective of eternity” … and “BELIEVE!”…

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God, as a true Artist, assembles a picture in which all the puzzles are perfect for each other; and into our lives came a moment when all of our regular plans and ideas have failed, and after long and pointless questions such as, “Why does it happen to us?” we began to ask, “Why not to us?” He has a reason! God brought us step by step to the point where we knelt down saying, “Here we are, fulfill Your Plans in and through our family! “ God called us… to Thailand! A new culture, way of life and language is awaiting. Very soon we will carry out the leap of faith, a distance of about 7500 km. We are preparing for the unbearable heat, a large number of insects and difficulties with two small children, and believe that God will be with us. Our goal is to join in the same goal with Avoda, to “Rescue teens from slavery and transform their lives in living to the fullest! We will be using the abilities that God has given us in reaching these teens. We never thought that God is preparing us from birth to something more special than we could ever imagine.

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