Isaiah 55:3
Incline H5186 your ear, H241 and come H3212 to me: hear, H8085 and your soul H5315 shall live; H2421 and I will make H3772 an everlasting H5769 covenant H1285 with you, even the sure H539 mercies H2617 of David. H1732
Jeremiah 3:22
Return, H7725 you backsliding H7726 children, H1121 and I will heal H7495 your backslidings. H4878 Behold, H2005 we come H857 to you; for you are the LORD H3068 our God. H430
Matthew 11:28
Come G1205 to me, all G3956 you that labor G2872 and are heavy laden, G5412 and I will give you rest. G373
John 5:40
And you will G2309 not come G2064 to me, that you might have G2192 life. G2222
John 6:37
All G3956 that the Father G3962 gives G1325 me shall come G2240 to me; and him that comes G2064 to me I will in no G3364 wise cast G1544 out.
John 5:26
For as the Father G3962 has G2192 life G2222 in himself; G1438 so G3779 has he given G1325 to the Son G5207 to have G2192 life G2222 in himself; G1438
John 6:57
As the living G2198 Father G3962 has sent G649 me, and I live G2198 by the Father: G3962 so G2532 he that eats G5176 me, even G2548 he shall live G2198 by me.
John 11:25
Jesus G2424 said G2036 to her, I am G1510 the resurrection, G386 and the life: G2222 he that believes G4100 in me, though G2579 he were dead, G599 yet shall he live: G2198
John 11:26
And G2532 whoever G3956 G3588 lives G2198 and believes G4100 in me shall never G3364 G3588 G165 die. G599 Believe G4100 you this? G5124
John 14:6
Jesus G2424 said G3004 to him, I am G1510 the way, G3598 the truth, G225 and the life: G2222 no G3762 man G3762 comes G2064 to the Father, G3962 but by me.
John 14:19
Yet G2089 a little G3397 while, and the world G2889 sees G2334 me no G3765 more; G2089 but you see G2334 me: because G3754 I live, G2198 you shall live G2198 also. G2532
Romans 5:10
For if, G1487 when we were enemies, G2190 we were reconciled G2644 to God G2316 by the death G2288 of his Son, G5207 much G4183 more, G3123 being reconciled, G2644 we shall be saved G4982 by his life. G2222
Colossians 3:4
When G3752 Christ, G5547 who is our life, G2222 shall appear, G5319 then G5119 shall you also G2532 appear G5319 with him in glory. G1391
Isaiah 28:16
Therefore H3651 thus H3541 said H559 the Lord H136 GOD, H3069 Behold, H2005 I lay in Zion H6726 for a foundation H3248 a stone, H68 a tried H976 stone, H68 a precious H3368 corner H6438 stone, a sure H3245 foundation: H4143 he that believes H539 shall not make haste. H2363
Daniel 2:34
You saw H2370 till H5704 that a stone H69 was cut H1505 out without H1768 H3809 hands, H3028 which smote H4223 the image H6755 on his feet H7271 that were of iron H6523 and clay, H2635 and broke H1855 them to pieces.
Daniel 2:45
For as much H3606 as you saw H2370 that the stone H69 was cut H1505 out of the mountain H2906 without H1768 H3809 hands, H3028 and that it broke H1855 in pieces the iron, H6523 the brass, H5174 the clay, H2635 the silver, H3702 and the gold; H1722 the great H7229 God H426 has made known H3046 to the king H4430 what H4101 shall come H1934 to pass hereafter: H311 H1836 and the dream H2493 is certain, H3330 and the interpretation H6591 thereof sure. H546
Zechariah 3:9
For behold H2009 the stone H68 that I have laid H5414 before H6440 Joshua; H3091 on one H259 stone H68 shall be seven H7651 eyes: H5869 behold, H2005 I will engrave H6605 the engraving H6603 thereof, said H5002 the LORD H3068 of hosts, H6635 and I will remove H4185 the iniquity H5771 of that land H776 in one H259 day. H3117
Zechariah 4:7
Who H4310 are you, O great H1419 mountain? H2022 before H6440 Zerubbabel H2216 you shall become a plain: H4334 and he shall bring H3318 forth H3318 the headstone H68 H7222 thereof with shoutings, H8663 crying, Grace, H2580 grace H2580 to it.
Psalm 118:22
The stone H68 which the builders H1129 refused H3988 is become H1961 the head H7218 stone of the corner. H6438
Psalm 118:23
This H2063 is the LORD's H3068 doing; H1961 it is marvelous H6381 in our eyes. H5869
Isaiah 8:14
And he shall be for a sanctuary; H4720 but for a stone H68 of stumbling H5063 and for a rock H6697 of offense H4383 to both H8147 the houses H1004 of Israel, H3478 for a gin H6341 and for a snare H4170 to the inhabitants H3427 of Jerusalem. H3389
Isaiah 8:15
And many H7227 among them shall stumble, H3782 and fall, H5307 and be broken, H7665 and be snared, H3369 and be taken. H3920
Matthew 21:42
Jesus G2424 said G3004 to them, Did you never G3763 read G314 in the scriptures, G1124 The stone G3037 which G3739 the builders G3618 rejected, G593 the same G3778 is become G1096 G1519 the head G2776 of the corner: G1137 this G3778 is the Lord's G2962 doing, G1096 and it is marvelous G2298 in our eyes? G3788
Mark 12:10
And have you not read G314 this G5026 scripture; G1124 The stone G3037 which G3739 the builders G3618 rejected G593 is become G1096 G1519 the head G2776 of the corner: G1137
Mark 12:11
This G3778 was the Lord's G2962 doing, G1096 and it is marvelous G2298 in our eyes? G3788
Luke 20:17
And he beheld G1689 them, and said, G2036 What G5101 is this G5124 then G3767 that is written, G1125 The stone G3037 which G3739 the builders G3618 rejected, G593 the same G3778 is become G1096 G1519 the head G2776 of the corner? G1137
Luke 20:18
Whoever G3956 G3588 shall fall G4098 on that stone G3037 shall be broken; G4917 but on G1909 whomsoever G3739 G302 it shall fall, G4098 it will grind G3039 him to powder. G3039
Acts 4:11
This G3778 is the stone G3037 which G3588 was set G1848 at G1848 nothing G1848 of you builders, G3618 which G3588 is become G1096 G1519 the head G2776 of the corner. G1137
Acts 4:12
Neither G2532 G3756 is there salvation G4991 in any G3762 other: G243 for there is none G3777 other G2087 name G3686 under G5259 heaven G3772 given G1325 among G1722 men, G444 whereby G1722 G3739 we must G1163 be saved. G4982
Isaiah 42:1
Behold H2005 my servant, H5650 whom I uphold; H8551 my elect, H972 in whom my soul H5315 delights; H7521 I have put H5414 my spirit H7307 on him: he shall bring H3318 forth H3318 judgment H4941 to the Gentiles. H1471
Matthew 12:18
Behold G2400 my servant, G3816 whom G3739 I have chosen; G140 my beloved, G27 in whom G3739 my soul G5590 is well G2106 pleased: G2106 I will put G5087 my spirit G4151 on him, and he shall show G518 judgment G2920 to the Gentiles. G1484
1 Peter 2:7
To you therefore G3767 which G3588 believe G4100 he is precious: G5092 but to them which be disobedient, G544 the stone G3037 which the builders G3618 disallowed, G593 the same G3778 is made G1096 the head G2776 of the corner, G1137
1 Peter 1:7
That the trial G1383 of your G5216 faith, G4102 being G1096 much G4183 more precious G5093 than of gold G5553 that perishes, G622 though it be tried G1381 with fire, G4442 might be found G2147 to praise G1868 and honor G5092 and glory G1391 at G1722 the appearing G602 of Jesus G2424 Christ: G5547
1 Peter 1:19
But with the precious G5093 blood G129 of Christ, G5547 as of a lamb G286 without G784 blemish G299 and without G784 spot: G784
2 Peter 1:1
Simon G4613 Peter, G4074 a servant G1401 and an apostle G652 of Jesus G2424 Christ, G5547 to them that have obtained G2975 like G2472 precious G2472 faith G4102 with us through G1722 the righteousness G1343 of God G2316 and our Savior G4990 Jesus G2424 Christ: G5547
2 Peter 1:4
Whereby G1223 G3739 are given G1433 to us exceeding great G3176 and precious G5093 promises: G1862 that by these G5130 you might be partakers G2844 of the divine G2304 nature, G5449 having escaped G668 the corruption G5356 that is in the world G2889 through G1722 lust. G1939