Psalm 119:176
I have gone H8582 astray H8582 like a lost H6 sheep; H7716 seek H1245 your servant; H5650 for I do not forget H7911 your commandments. H4687
Isaiah 53:6
All H3605 we like sheep H6629 have gone H8582 astray; H8582 we have turned H6437 every H376 one H376 to his own way; H1870 and the LORD H3068 has laid H6293 on him the iniquity H5771 of us all. H3605
Jeremiah 23:2
Therefore H3651 thus H3541 said H559 the LORD H3068 God H430 of Israel H3478 against H5921 the pastors H7462 that feed H7462 my people; H5971 You have scattered H6327 my flock, H6629 and driven H5080 them away, and have not visited H6485 them: behold, H2005 I will visit H6485 on you the evil H7455 of your doings, H4611 said H5002 the LORD. H3068
Ezekiel 34:6
My sheep H6629 wandered H7686 through all H3605 the mountains, H2022 and on every H3605 high H7311 hill: H1389 yes, my flock H6629 was scattered H6327 on all H3605 the face H6440 of the earth, H776 and none H369 did search H1875 or seek H1245 after them.
Matthew 9:36
But when he saw G1492 the multitudes, G3793 he was moved G4697 with compassion G4697 on G4012 them, because G3754 they fainted, G1590 and were scattered G4496 abroad, G4496 as sheep G4263 having G2192 no G3361 shepherd. G4166
Matthew 18:12
How G5101 think G1380 you? if G1437 a man G444 have G1096 an hundred G1540 sheep, G4263 and one G1520 of them be gone G4105 astray, G4105 does he not leave G863 the ninety G1768 and nine, G1768 and goes G4198 into G1909 the mountains, G3735 and seeks G2212 that which G3588 is gone astray? G4105
Luke 15:4-6
What G5101 man G444 of you, having G2192 an hundred G1540 sheep, G4263 if he lose G622 one G1520 of them, does not leave G2641 the ninety G1768 and nine G1768 in the wilderness, G2048 and go G4198 after G1909 that which is lost, G622 until G2193 he find G2147 it?
And when he has found G2147 it, he lays G2007 it on G1909 his shoulders, G5606 rejoicing. G5463
And when he comes G2064 home, G3624 he calls G4779 together G4779 his friends G5384 and neighbors, G1069 saying G3004 to them, Rejoice G4796 with me; for I have found G2147 my sheep G4263 which G3588 was lost. G622
1 Peter 5:4
And when the chief G750 Shepherd G750 shall appear, G5319 you shall receive G2865 a crown G4735 of glory G1391 that fades G262 not away.
Psalm 23:1-3
A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 The LORD H3068 is my shepherd; H7462 I shall not want. H2637
He makes me to lie H7257 down H7257 in green H1877 pastures: H4999 he leads H5095 me beside H5921 the still H4496 waters. H4325
He restores H7725 my soul: H5315 he leads H5095 me in the paths H4570 of righteousness H6664 for his name's H8034 sake. H4616
Psalm 80:1
To the chief H5329 Musician H5329 upon Shoshannimeduth, H7802 A Psalm H4210 of Asaph. H623 Give ear, H238 O Shepherd H7462 of Israel, H3478 you that lead H5090 Joseph H3130 like a flock; H6629 you that dwell H3427 between the cherubim, H3742 shine H3313 forth.
Song of Songs 1:7
Tell H5046 me, O you whom my soul H5315 loves, H157 where H349 you feed, H7462 where H349 you make your flock to rest H7257 at noon: H6672 for why H4100 should I be as one that turns H5844 aside H5844 by the flocks H5739 of your companions? H2270
Song of Songs 1:8
If H518 you know H3045 not, O you fairest H3303 among women, H802 go H3318 your way forth H3318 by the footsteps H6119 of the flock, H6629 and feed H7462 your kids H1423 beside H5921 the shepherds' H7462 tents. H4908
Isaiah 40:11
He shall feed H7462 his flock H5739 like a shepherd: H7462 he shall gather H6908 the lambs H2922 with his arm, H2220 and carry H5375 them in his bosom, H2436 and shall gently lead H5095 those that are with young. H5763
Ezekiel 34:11-16
For thus H3541 said H559 the Lord H136 GOD; H3069 Behold, H2005 I, even I, will both search H1875 my sheep, H6629 and seek H1239 them out.
As a shepherd H7462 seeks H1243 out his flock H5739 in the day H3117 that he is among H8432 his sheep H6629 that are scattered; H6566 so H3651 will I seek H1239 out my sheep, H6629 and will deliver H5337 them out of all H3605 places H4725 where H834 H8033 they have been scattered H6327 in the cloudy H6051 and dark H6205 day. H3117
And I will bring H3318 them out from the people, H5971 and gather H6908 them from the countries, H776 and will bring H935 them to their own land, H127 and feed H7462 them on the mountains H2022 of Israel H3478 by the rivers, H650 and in all H3605 the inhabited H4186 places of the country. H776
I will feed H7462 them in a good H2896 pasture, H4829 and on the high H4791 mountains H2022 of Israel H3478 shall their fold H5116 be: there H8033 shall they lie H7257 in a good H2896 fold, H5116 and in a fat H8082 pasture H4829 shall they feed H7462 on the mountains H2022 of Israel. H3478
I will feed H7462 my flock, H6629 and I will cause them to lie H7257 down, H7901 said H5002 the Lord H136 GOD. H3069
I will seek H1245 that which was lost, H6 and bring H7725 again H7725 that which was driven H5080 away, and will bind H2280 up that which was broken, H7665 and will strengthen H2388 that which was sick: H2470 but I will destroy H8045 the fat H8082 and the strong; H2389 I will feed H7462 them with judgment. H4941
Ezekiel 34:23-16
Ezekiel 34:24-16
Ezekiel 37:24
And David H1732 my servant H5650 shall be king H4428 over H5921 them; and they all H3605 shall have H1961 one H259 shepherd: H7462 they shall also walk H3212 in my judgments, H4941 and observe H8104 my statutes, H2708 and do H6213 them.
Zechariah 13:7
Awake, H5782 O sword, H2719 against H5921 my shepherd, H7462 and against H5921 the man H1397 that is my fellow, H5997 said H5002 the LORD H3068 of hosts: H6635 smite H5221 the shepherd, H7462 and the sheep H6629 shall be scattered: H6327 and I will turn H7725 my hand H3027 on the little H6819 ones.
John 10:11-16
I am G1510 the good G2570 shepherd: G4166 the good G2570 shepherd G4166 gives G5087 his life G5590 for the sheep. G4263
But he that is an hireling, G3411 and not the shepherd, G4166 whose G3739 own G2398 the sheep G4263 are not, sees G2334 the wolf G3074 coming, G2064 and leaves G863 the sheep, G4263 and flees: G5343 and the wolf G3074 catches G726 them, and scatters G4650 the sheep. G4263
The hireling G3411 flees, G5343 because G3754 he is an hireling, G3411 and cares G3199 not for the sheep. G4263
I am G1510 the good G2570 shepherd, G4166 and know G1097 my sheep, and am known G1097 of mine. G1699
As the Father G3962 knows G1097 me, even G2504 so know G1097 I the Father: G3962 and I lay G5087 down my life G5590 for the sheep. G4263
And other G243 sheep G4263 I have, G2192 which G3739 are not of this G5026 fold: G833 them also G2548 I must G1163 bring, G71 and they shall hear G191 my voice; G5456 and there shall be one G3391 fold, G4167 and one G1520 shepherd. G4166
Hebrews 13:20
Now G1161 the God G2316 of peace, G1515 that brought G321 again G321 from the dead G3498 our Lord G2962 Jesus, G2424 that great G3173 shepherd G4166 of the sheep, G4263 through G1722 the blood G129 of the everlasting G166 covenant, G1242
Hebrews 3:1
Why, G3606 holy G40 brothers, G80 partakers G3353 of the heavenly G2032 calling, G2821 consider G2657 the Apostle G652 and High G749 Priest G749 of our profession, G3671 Christ G5547 Jesus; G2424
Acts 20:28
Take heed G4337 therefore to yourselves, G1438 and to all G3956 the flock, G4168 over G1722 the which G3739 the Holy G40 Ghost G4151 has made G5087 you overseers, G1985 to feed G4165 the church G1577 of God, G2316 which G3739 he has purchased G4046 with his own G2398 blood. G129