1 Peter 3:14
But and if you suffer G3958 for righteousness' G1343 sake, happy G3107 are you: and be not afraid G5399 of their terror, G5401 neither G3366 be troubled; G5015
1 Peter 4:14-16
If G1487 you be reproached G3679 for the name G3686 of Christ, G5547 happy G3107 are you; for the spirit G4151 of glory G1391 and of God G2316 rests G373 on G2596 you: on their part he is evil G987 spoken G987 of, but on G2596 your G5209 part he is glorified. G1392
But let none G3361 of you suffer G3958 as a murderer, G5406 or G2228 as a thief, G2812 or G2228 as an evildoer, G2555 or G2228 as a busybody G244 in other G244 men's matters.
Yet G1161 if G1487 any man suffer as a Christian, G5546 let him not be ashamed; G153 but let him glorify G1392 God G2316 on G1722 this G5129 behalf. G3313
Matthew 5:47
And if G1437 you salute G782 your G5216 brothers G80 only, G3440 what G5101 do G4160 you more G4053 than others? do G4160 not even G2532 the publicans G5057 so? G3779
Matthew 26:67
Then G5119 did they spit G1716 in his face, G4383 and buffeted G2852 him; and others G3588 smote G4474 him with the palms G4474 of their hands,
Mark 14:65
And some G5100 began G756 to spit G1716 on G1716 him, and to cover G4028 his face, G4383 and to buffet G2852 him, and to say G3004 to him, Prophesy: G4395 and the servants G5257 did strike G906 him with the palms G4475 of their hands.
1 Corinthians 4:11
Even to this G3588 present G737 hour G5610 we both G2532 hunger, G3983 and thirst, G1372 and are naked, G1130 and are buffeted, G2852 and have no G790 certain G790 dwelling place; G790
1 Peter 2:19
For this G5124 is thank worthy, G5485 if G1487 a man G5100 for conscience G4893 toward God G2316 endure G5297 grief, G3077 suffering G3958 wrongfully. G95
Matthew 5:10-12
Blessed G3107 are they which are persecuted G1377 for righteousness' G1343 sake: G1752 for theirs G846 is the kingdom G932 of heaven. G3772
Blessed G3107 are you, when G3752 men shall revile G3679 you, and persecute G1377 you, and shall say G2036 all G3956 manner of evil G4190 G4487 against G2596 you falsely, G5574 for my sake. G1752
Rejoice, G5463 and be exceeding glad: G21 for great G4183 is your G5216 reward G3408 in heaven: G3772 for so G3779 persecuted G1377 they the prophets G4396 which G3588 were before G4253 you.
Romans 12:1
I beseech G3870 you therefore, G3767 brothers, G80 by the mercies G3628 of God, G2316 that you present G3936 your G5216 bodies G4983 a living G2198 sacrifice, G2378 holy, G40 acceptable G2101 to God, G2316 which is your G5216 reasonable G3050 service. G2999
Romans 12:2
And be not conformed G4964 to this G5129 world: G165 but be you transformed G3339 by the renewing G342 of your G5216 mind, G3563 that you may prove G1381 what G5101 is that good, G18 and acceptable, G2101 and perfect, G5046 will G2307 of God. G2316
Ephesians 5:10
Proving G1381 what G5101 is acceptable G2101 to the Lord. G2962
Philippians 4:18
But I have G568 all, G3956 and abound: G4052 I am full, G4137 having received G1209 of Epaphroditus G1891 the things which were sent from you, an odor G3744 of a sweet G2175 smell, G2175 a sacrifice G2378 acceptable, G1184 well pleasing G2101 to God. G2316
1 Peter 2:19
For this G5124 is thank worthy, G5485 if G1487 a man G5100 for conscience G4893 toward God G2316 endure G5297 grief, G3077 suffering G3958 wrongfully. G95
Luke 6:32
For if G1487 you love G25 them which love G25 you, what G4169 thank G5485 have G2076 you? for sinners G268 also G2532 love G25 those G3588 that love G25 them.