Proverbs 17:11
An evil H7451 man seeks H1245 only H389 rebellion: H4805 therefore a cruel H394 messenger H4397 shall be sent H7971 against him.
Proverbs 24:21
My son, H1121 fear H3372 you the LORD H3068 and the king: H4428 and meddle H6148 not with them that are given to change: H8138
Jeremiah 29:7
And seek H1875 the peace H7965 of the city H5892 where H834 H8033 I have caused you to be carried H1540 away captives, H1540 and pray H6419 to the LORD H3068 for it: for in the peace H7965 thereof shall you have H1961 peace. H7965
Matthew 22:21
They say G3004 to him, Caesar's. G2541 Then G5119 said G3004 he to them, Render G591 therefore G3767 to Caesar G2541 the things which are Caesar's; G2541 and to God G2316 the things that are God's. G2316
Mark 12:17
And Jesus G2424 answering G611 said G2036 to them, Render G591 to Caesar G2541 the things that are Caesar's, G2541 and to God G2316 the things that are God's. G2316 And they marveled G2296 at G1909 him.
Luke 20:25
And he said G2036 to them, Render G591 therefore G5106 to Caesar G2541 the things which be Caesar's, G2541 and to God G2316 the things which be God's. G2316
Romans 13:1-7
Let every G3956 soul G5590 be subject G5293 to the higher G5242 powers. G1849 For there is no G3756 power G1849 but of God: G2316 the powers G1849 that be are ordained G5021 of God. G2316
Whoever G3588 therefore G5620 resists G498 the power, G1849 resists G436 the ordinance G1296 of God: G2316 and they that resist G436 shall receive G2983 to themselves G1438 damnation. G2917
For rulers G758 are not a terror G5401 to good G18 works, G2041 but to the evil. G2556 Will G2309 you then G1161 not be afraid G5399 of the power? G1849 do G4160 that which is good, G18 and you shall have G2192 praise G1868 of the same: G846
For he is the minister G1249 of God G2316 to you for good. G18 But if G1437 you do G4160 that which is evil, G2556 be afraid; G5399 for he bears G5409 not the sword G3162 in vain: G1500 for he is the minister G1249 of God, G2316 a revenger G1558 to execute wrath G3709 on him that does G4238 evil. G2556
Why G1352 you must needs G318 be subject, G5293 not only G3440 for wrath, G3709 but also G2532 for conscience G4893 sake.
For for this G5124 cause G1223 pay G5055 you tribute G5411 also: G2532 for they are God's G2316 ministers, G3011 attending G4342 continually G4342 on this G5124 very G846 thing.
Render G591 therefore G3767 to all G3956 their dues: G3782 tribute G5411 to whom G3588 tribute G5411 is due; G514 custom G5056 to whom G3588 custom; G5056 fear G5401 to whom G3588 fear; G5401 honor G5092 to whom G3588 honor. G5092
Ephesians 5:21
Submitting G5293 yourselves one G240 to another G240 in the fear G5401 of God. G2316
1 Timothy 2:1
I exhort G3870 therefore, G3767 that, first G4412 of all, G3956 supplications, G1162 prayers, G4335 intercessions, G1783 and giving of thanks, G2169 be made G4160 for all G3956 men; G444
1 Timothy 2:2
For kings, G935 and for all G3956 that are in authority; G5247 that we may lead G1236 a quiet G2263 and peaceable G2272 life G979 in all G3956 godliness G2150 and honesty. G4587
Titus 3:1
Put G5279 them in mind G5279 to be subject G5293 to principalities G746 and powers, G1849 to obey G3980 magistrates, G3980 to be ready G2092 to every G3956 good G18 work, G2041
2 Peter 2:10
But chiefly G3122 them that walk G4198 after G3694 the flesh G4561 in the lust G1939 of uncleanness, G3394 and despise G2706 government. G2963 Presumptuous G5113 are they, self-willed, G829 they are not afraid G5141 to speak G987 evil G987 of dignities. G1391
Jude 1:8-10
Likewise G3668 also G2532 these G3778 filthy dreamers G1797 defile G3392 the flesh, G4561 despise G114 dominion, G2963 and speak G987 evil G987 of dignities. G1391
Yet G1161 Michael G3413 the archangel, G743 when G3753 contending G1252 with the devil G1228 he disputed G1256 about G4012 the body G4983 of Moses, G3475 dared G5111 not bring G2018 against G2018 him a railing G988 accusation, G2920 but said, G2036 The Lord G2962 rebuke G2008 you.
But these G3778 speak G987 evil G987 of those G3745 things which G3745 they know G1492 not: but what G3745 they know G1987 naturally, G5447 as brute G249 beasts, G2226 in those G5125 things they corrupt G5351 themselves.