Hosea 1:9
Then said H559 God, Call H7121 his name H8034 Loammi: H3818 for you are not my people, H5971 and I will not be your God.
Hosea 1:10
Yet the number H4557 of the children H1121 of Israel H3478 shall be as the sand H2344 of the sea, H3220 which H834 cannot H3808 be measured H4058 nor H3808 numbered; H5608 and it shall come H1961 to pass, that in the place H4725 where H834 it was said H559 to them, You are not my people, H5971 there it shall be said H559 to them, You are the sons H1121 of the living H2416 God. H410
Romans 9:25
As he said G3004 also G2532 in Osee, G5617 I will call G2564 them my people, G2992 which were not my people; G2992 and her beloved, G25 which was not beloved. G25
Romans 9:26
And it shall come G1511 to pass, that in the place G5117 where G3757 it was said G4483 to them, You are not my people; G2992 there G1563 shall they be called G2564 the children G5207 of the living G2198 God. G2316
Hosea 2:23
And I will sow H2232 her to me in the earth; H776 and I will have mercy H7355 on her that had not obtained H5375 mercy; H7355 and I will say H559 to them which were not my people, H5971 You are my people; H5971 and they shall say, H559 You are my God. H430
Romans 11:6
And if G1487 by grace, G5485 then is it no G3765 more G2089 of works: G2041 otherwise G1893 grace G5485 is no G3765 more G2089 grace. G5485 But if G1487 it be of works, G2041 then it is no G3765 more G2089 grace: G5485 otherwise G1893 work G2041 is no G3765 more G2089 work. G2041
Romans 11:7
What G5101 then? G3767 Israel G2474 has not obtained G2013 that which G3739 he seeks G1934 for; but the election G1589 has obtained G2013 it, and the rest G3062 were blinded. G4456
Romans 11:30
For as you in times G4218 past have not believed G544 God, G2316 yet have now G3568 obtained G1653 mercy G1653 through their unbelief: G543
1 Corinthians 7:25
Now G1161 concerning G4012 virgins G3933 I have G2192 no G3756 commandment G2003 of the Lord: G2962 yet G1161 I give G1325 my judgment, G1106 as one that has obtained G1653 mercy G1653 of the Lord G2962 to be faithful. G4103
1 Timothy 1:13
Who G3588 was before G4386 a blasphemer, G989 and a persecutor, G1376 and injurious: G5197 but I obtained G1653 mercy, G1653 because G3754 I did it ignorantly G50 in unbelief. G570
Hebrews 4:16
Let us therefore G3767 come G4334 boldly G3954 to the throne G2362 of grace, G5485 that we may obtain G2983 mercy, G1656 and find G2147 grace G5485 to help G996 in time G2121 of need. G2121