Psalm 9:13
Have mercy H2603 on me, O LORD; H3068 consider H7200 my trouble H6040 which I suffer of them that hate H8130 me, you that lift H7311 me up from the gates H8179 of death: H4194
Psalm 9:14
That I may show H5608 forth all H3605 your praise H8416 in the gates H8179 of the daughter H1323 of Zion: H6726 I will rejoice H1523 in your salvation. H3444
Psalm 27:5
For in the time H3117 of trouble H7451 he shall hide H6845 me in his pavilion: H5520 in the secret H5643 of his tabernacle H168 shall he hide H5641 me; he shall set H7311 me up on a rock. H6697
Psalm 27:6
And now H6258 shall my head H7218 be lifted H7311 up above H5921 my enemies H341 round H5439 about me: therefore will I offer H2076 in his tabernacle H168 sacrifices H2077 of joy; H8643 I will sing, H7891 yes, I will sing H2167 praises to the LORD. H3068
Psalm 30:11
You have turned H2015 for me my mourning H4553 into dancing: H4234 you have put H6605 off my sackcloth, H8242 and girded H247 me with gladness; H8057
Psalm 30:12
To the end H4616 that my glory H3519 may sing H2167 praise to you, and not be silent. H1826 O LORD H3068 my God, H430 I will give thanks H3034 to you for ever. H5769
Psalm 51:15
O Lord, H136 open H6605 you my lips; H8193 and my mouth H6310 shall show H5046 forth your praise. H8416
Psalm 66:13-15
I will go H935 into your house H1004 with burnt H5930 offerings: I will pay H7999 you my vows, H5088
Which H834 my lips H8193 have uttered, H6475 and my mouth H6310 has spoken, H1696 when I was in trouble. H6862
I will offer H5927 to you burnt H5930 sacrifices of fatted calves, H4220 with the incense H7004 of rams; H352 I will offer H6213 bullocks H1241 with goats. H6260 Selah. H5542
Psalm 145:2
Every H3605 day H3117 will I bless H1288 you; and I will praise H1984 your name H8034 for ever H5769 and ever. H5703
Psalm 150:4
Praise H1984 him with the tambourine H8596 and dance: H4234 praise H1984 him with stringed H4482 instruments H4482 and organs. H5748
Habakkuk 3:19
The LORD H3068 God H136 is my strength, H2428 and he will make H7760 my feet H7272 like hinds' H355 feet, H7272 and he will make me to walk H1869 on my high H1116 places. To the chief H5329 singer H5329 on my stringed H5058 instruments.