1 Kings 8:30
And listen H8085 you to the supplication H8467 of your servant, H5650 and of your people H5971 Israel, H3478 when H834 they shall pray H6419 toward H413 this H2088 place: H4725 and hear H8085 you in heaven H8064 your dwelling H3427 place: H4725 and when you hear, H8085 forgive. H5545
Psalm 50:15
And call H7121 on me in the day H3117 of trouble: H6869 I will deliver H2502 you, and you shall glorify H3513 me.
Psalm 91:15
He shall call H7121 on me, and I will answer H6030 him: I will be with him in trouble; H6869 I will deliver H2502 him, and honor H3519 him.
Matthew 6:6
But you, when G3752 you pray, G4336 enter G1525 into G1519 your closet, G5009 and when you have shut G2808 your door, G2374 pray G4336 to your Father G3962 which G3588 is in secret; G2927 and your Father G3962 which G3588 sees G991 in secret G2927 shall reward G591 you openly. G1722