Isaiah 38:1
In those H1992 days H3117 was Hezekiah H2396 sick H2470 to death. H4191 And Isaiah H3470 the prophet H5030 the son H1121 of Amoz H531 came H935 to him, and said H559 to him, Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD, H3068 Set your house H1004 in order: H6680 for you shall die, H4191 and not live. H2421
Job 6:11
What H4100 is my strength, H3581 that I should hope? H3176 and what H4100 is my end, H7093 that I should prolong H748 my life? H5315
Job 7:7
O remember H2142 that my life H2416 is wind: H7307 my eye H5869 shall no H3808 more H7725 see H7200 good. H2896
Job 17:11-16
My days H3117 are past, H5674 my purposes H2154 are broken H5423 off, even the thoughts H4180 of my heart. H3824
They change H7760 the night H3915 into day: H3117 the light H216 is short H7138 because H6440 of darkness. H2822
If H518 I wait, H6960 the grave H7585 is my house: H1004 I have made H7502 my bed H3326 in the darkness. H2822
I have said H7121 to corruption, H7845 You are my father: H1 to the worm, H7415 You are my mother, H517 and my sister. H269
And where H346 H645 is now H645 my hope? H8615 as for my hope, H8615 who H4310 shall see H7789 it?
They shall go H3381 down H3381 to the bars H905 of the pit, H7585 when H518 our rest H5183 together H3162 is in the dust. H6083
2 Corinthians 1:9
But we had G2192 the sentence G610 of death G2288 in ourselves, G1438 that we should not trust G3982 in ourselves, G1438 but in God G2316 which G3588 raises G1453 the dead: G3498