Psalm 60:1-3
To the chief H5329 Musician H5329 upon Shushaneduth, H7802 Michtam H4387 of David, H1732 to teach; H3925 when he strove H5327 with Aramnaharaim H763 and with Aramzobah, H760 when Joab H3097 returned, H7725 and smote H5221 of Edom H123 in the valley H1516 of salt H4417 twelve H8147 H6240 thousand. H505 O God, H430 you have cast H2186 us off, you have scattered H6555 us, you have been displeased; H599 O turn H7725 yourself to us again. H7725
You have made the earth H776 to tremble; H7493 you have broken H6480 it: heal H7495 the breaches H7667 thereof; for it shakes. H4131
You have showed your people H5971 hard H7186 things: you have made us to drink H8248 the wine H3196 of astonishment. H8653
Psalm 78:60-72
So that he forsook H5203 the tabernacle H4908 of Shiloh, H7887 the tent H168 which he placed H7931 among men; H120
And delivered H5414 his strength H5797 into captivity, H7628 and his glory H8597 into the enemy's H6862 hand. H3027
He gave H5462 his people H5971 over H5462 also to the sword; H2719 and was wroth H5674 with his inheritance. H5159
The fire H784 consumed H398 their young H970 men; and their maidens H1330 were not given to marriage. H1984
Their priests H3548 fell H5307 by the sword; H2719 and their widows H490 made no H3808 lamentation. H1058
Then the LORD H136 awaked H3364 as one out of sleep, H3463 and like a mighty H1368 man that shouts H7442 by reason of wine. H3196
And he smote H5221 his enemies H6862 in the hinder H268 parts: he put H5414 them to a perpetual H5769 reproach. H2781
Moreover he refused H3988 the tabernacle H168 of Joseph, H3130 and chose H977 not the tribe H7626 of Ephraim: H669
But chose H977 the tribe H7626 of Judah, H3063 the mount H2022 Zion H6726 which H834 he loved. H157
And he built H1129 his sanctuary H4720 like high H7311 palaces, like the earth H776 which he has established H3245 for ever. H5769
He chose H977 David H1732 also his servant, H5650 and took H3947 him from the sheepfolds: H4356
From following H310 the ewes H5763 great with young H5763 he brought H935 him to feed H7462 Jacob H3290 his people, H5971 and Israel H3478 his inheritance. H5159
So he fed H7462 them according to the integrity H8537 of his heart; H3824 and guided H5148 them by the skillfulness H8394 of his hands. H3709
1 Samuel 31:1-7
Now the Philistines H6430 fought H3898 against Israel: H3478 and the men H582 of Israel H3478 fled H5127 from before H6440 the Philistines, H6430 and fell H5307 down slain H2491 in mount H2022 Gilboa. H1533
And the Philistines H6430 followed H1692 hard H1692 on Saul H7586 and on his sons; H1121 and the Philistines H6430 slew H5221 Jonathan, H3083 and Abinadab, H41 and Melchishua, H4444 Saul's H7586 sons. H1121
And the battle H4421 went sore H3513 against H413 Saul, H7586 and the archers H3384 hit H4672 him; and he was sore H3966 wounded H2342 of the archers. H3384
Then said H559 Saul H7586 to his armor bearer, H5375 H3627 Draw H8025 your sword, H2719 and thrust H1856 me through therewith; lest H6435 these H428 uncircumcised H6189 come H935 and thrust H1856 me through, and abuse H5953 me. But his armor bearer H5375 H3627 would H14 not; for he was sore H3966 afraid. H3372 Therefore Saul H7586 took H3947 a sword, H2719 and fell H5307 on it.
And when his armor bearer H5375 H3627 saw H7200 that Saul H7586 was dead, H4191 he fell H5307 likewise H1571 on his sword, H2719 and died H4191 with him.
So Saul H7586 died, H4191 and his three H7969 sons, H1121 and his armor bearer, H5375 H3627 and all H3605 his men, H582 that same H1931 day H3117 together. H3162
And when the men H582 of Israel H3478 that were on the other H5676 side H5676 of the valley, H6010 and they that were on the other H5676 side H5676 Jordan, H3383 saw H7200 that the men H582 of Israel H3478 fled, H5127 and that Saul H7586 and his sons H1121 were dead, H4191 they forsook H5800 the cities, H5892 and fled; H5127 and the Philistines H6430 came H935 and dwelled H3427 in them.
Isaiah 24:1-12
Behold, H2009 the LORD H3068 makes the earth H776 empty, H1238 and makes it waste, H1110 and turns H5753 it upside H5921 H6440 down, and scatters H6327 abroad H6327 the inhabitants H3427 thereof.
And it shall be, as with the people, H5971 so with the priest; H3548 as with the servant, H5650 so with his master; H113 as with the maid, H8198 so with her mistress; H1404 as with the buyer, H7069 so with the seller; H4376 as with the lender, H3867 so with the borrower; H3867 as with the taker of usury, H5383 so with the giver of usury H5378 to him.
The land H776 shall be utterly emptied, H1238 and utterly spoiled: H962 for the LORD H3068 has spoken H1696 this H2088 word. H1697
The earth H776 mourns H56 and fades H5034 away, the world H8398 languishes H535 and fades H5034 away, the haughty H4791 people H5971 of the earth H776 do languish. H535
The earth H776 also is defiled H2610 under H8478 the inhabitants H3427 thereof; because H3588 they have transgressed H5674 the laws, H8451 changed H2498 the ordinance, H2706 broken H6565 the everlasting H5769 covenant. H1285
Therefore H5921 H3651 has the curse H423 devoured H398 the earth, H776 and they that dwell H3427 therein are desolate: H816 therefore H5921 H3651 the inhabitants H3427 of the earth H776 are burned, H2787 and few H4213 men H582 left. H7604
The new H8492 wine H8492 mourns, H56 the vine H1612 languishes, H535 all H3605 the merry hearted H8056 H3820 do sigh. H584
The mirth H4885 of tabrets H8596 ceases, H7673 the noise H7588 of them that rejoice H5947 ends, H2308 the joy H4885 of the harp H3658 ceases. H7673
They shall not drink H8354 wine H3196 with a song; H7892 strong drink H7941 shall be bitter H4843 to them that drink H8354 it.
The city H7151 of confusion H8414 is broken H7665 down: every H3605 house H1004 is shut H5462 up, that no man H935 may come H935 in.
There is a crying H6682 for wine H3196 in the streets; H2351 all H3605 joy H8057 is darkened, H6150 the mirth H4885 of the land H776 is gone. H1540
In the city H5892 is left H7604 desolation, H8047 and the gate H8179 is smitten H3807 with destruction. H7591
1 Samuel 18:7
And the women H802 answered H6030 one another as they played, H7832 and said, H559 Saul H7586 has slain H5221 his thousands, H505 and David H1732 his ten H7233 thousands. H505
1 Samuel 25:28
I pray H4994 you, forgive H5375 the trespass H6588 of your handmaid: H519 for the LORD H3068 will certainly make H6213 my lord H113 a sure H539 house; H1004 because H3588 my lord H113 fights H3898 the battles H4421 of the LORD, H3068 and evil H7451 has not been found H4672 in you all your days. H3117
2 Samuel 5:2
Also H1571 in time H865 H8543 past, H8032 when Saul H7586 was king H4428 over H5921 us, you were H1961 he that led H3318 out and brought H935 in Israel: H3478 and the LORD H3068 said H559 to you, You shall feed H7462 my people H5971 Israel, H3478 and you shall be a captain H5057 over H5921 Israel. H3478
Isaiah 49:8
Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD, H3068 In an acceptable H7522 time H6256 have I heard H6030 you, and in a day H3117 of salvation H3444 have I helped H5826 you: and I will preserve H5341 you, and give H5414 you for a covenant H1285 of the people, H5971 to establish H6965 the earth, H776 to cause to inherit H5157 the desolate H8076 heritages; H5159
Hebrews 1:3
Who being the brightness G541 of his glory, G1391 and the express G5481 image G5481 of his person, G5287 and upholding G5342 all G3956 things by the word G4487 of his power, G1411 when he had by himself G1438 purged G4160 G2512 our sins, G266 sat G2523 down G2523 on G1722 the right G1188 hand of the Majesty G3172 on G1722 high: G5308
1 Samuel 2:8
He raises H6965 up the poor H1800 out of the dust, H6083 and lifts H7311 up the beggar H34 from the dunghill, H830 to set H3427 them among H5973 princes, H5081 and to make them inherit H5157 the throne H3678 of glory: H3519 for the pillars H4690 of the earth H776 are the LORD's, H3068 and he has set H7896 the world H8398 on them.