Psalm 57:1
To the chief H5329 Musician, H5329 Altaschith, H516 Michtam H4387 of David, H1732 when he fled H1272 from Saul H7586 in the cave. H4631 Be merciful H2603 to me, O God, H430 be merciful H2603 to me: for my soul H5315 trusts H2620 in you: yes, in the shadow H6738 of your wings H3671 will I make my refuge, H2620 until H5704 these calamities H1942 be over. H5674
Psalm 58:1
To the chief H5329 Musician, H5329 Altaschith, H516 Michtam H4387 of David. H1732 Do you indeed H552 speak H1696 righteousness, H6664 O congregation? H482 do you judge H8199 uprightly, H4339 O you sons H1121 of men? H120
Psalm 76:1
To the chief H5329 Musician H5329 on Neginoth, H5058 A Psalm H4210 or Song H7892 of Asaph. H623 In Judah H3063 is God H430 known: H3045 his name H8034 is great H1419 in Israel. H3478
Psalm 138:2
I will worship H7812 toward H413 your holy H6944 temple, H1964 and praise H3034 your name H8034 for your loving kindness H2617 and for your truth: H571 for you have magnified H1431 your word H565 above H5921 all H3605 your name. H8034
Exodus 23:21
Beware H8104 of him, and obey H8085 his voice, H6963 provoke H4843 him not; for he will not pardon H5375 your transgressions: H6588 for my name H8034 is in him.
Exodus 34:6
And the LORD H3068 passed H5674 by before H5921 H6440 him, and proclaimed, H7121 The LORD, H3068 The LORD H3068 God, H410 merciful H7349 and gracious, H2587 long-suffering, H750 H639 and abundant H7227 in goodness H2617 and truth, H571
Exodus 34:7
Keeping H5341 mercy H2617 for thousands, H505 forgiving H5375 iniquity H5771 and transgression H6588 and sin, H2402 and that will by no H3808 means clear H5352 the guilty; visiting H6485 the iniquity H5771 of the fathers H1 on the children, H1121 and on the children's H1121 children, to the third H8029 and to the fourth H7256 generation.
Jeremiah 10:6
For as much as there is none H369 like H3644 to you, O LORD; H3068 you are great, H1419 and your name H8034 is great H1419 in might. H1369
Deuteronomy 4:7
For what H4310 nation H1471 is there so great, H1419 who H834 has God H430 so near H7126 to them, as the LORD H3068 our God H430 is in all H3605 things that we call H7121 on him for?
Deuteronomy 4:33
Did ever people H5971 hear H8085 the voice H6963 of God H430 speaking H1696 out of the middle H8432 of the fire, H784 as you have heard, H8085 and live? H2421
Deuteronomy 4:34
Or H176 has God H430 assayed H5254 to go H935 and take H3947 him a nation H1471 from the middle H7130 of another nation, H1471 by temptations, H4531 by signs, H226 and by wonders, H4159 and by war, H4421 and by a mighty H2389 hand, H3027 and by a stretched H5186 out arm, H2220 and by great H1419 terrors, H4172 according to all H3605 that the LORD H3068 your God H430 did H6213 for you in Egypt H4714 before your eyes? H5869