2 Kings 20:5
Turn H7725 again, H7725 and tell H559 Hezekiah H2396 the captain H5057 of my people, H5971 Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD, H3068 the God H430 of David H1732 your father, H1 I have heard H8085 your prayer, H8605 I have seen H7200 your tears: H1832 behold, H2005 I will heal H7495 you: on the third H7992 day H3117 you shall go H5927 up to the house H1004 of the LORD. H3068
2 Kings 19:29
And this H2088 shall be a sign H226 to you, You shall eat H398 this year H8141 such things as grow H5599 of themselves, and in the second H8145 year H8141 that which springs H7823 of the same; and in the third H7992 year H8141 sow H2232 you, and reap, H7114 and plant H5193 vineyards, H3754 and eat H398 the fruits H6529 thereof.
Judges 6:17
And he said H559 to him, If H518 now H4994 I have found H4672 grace H2580 in your sight, H5869 then show H6213 me a sign H226 that you talk H1696 with me.
Judges 6:37-40
Behold, H2009 I will put H3322 a fleece H1492 of wool H6785 in the floor; H1637 and if H518 the dew H2919 be on H5921 the fleece H1492 only, H905 and it be dry H2721 on all H3605 the earth H776 beside, then shall I know H3045 that you will save H3467 Israel H3478 by my hand, H3027 as you have said. H1696
And it was so: H3651 for he rose H7925 up early H7925 on the morrow, H4283 and thrust H2115 the fleece H1492 together, and wringed H4680 the dew H2919 out of the fleece, H1492 a bowl H5602 full H4392 of water. H4325
And Gideon H1439 said H559 to God, H430 Let not your anger H639 be hot H2734 against me, and I will speak H1696 but this once: H6471 let me prove, H5254 I pray H4994 you, but this once H6471 with the fleece; H1492 let it now H4994 be dry H2721 only H905 on the fleece, H1492 and on all H3605 the ground H776 let there be dew. H2919
And God H430 did H6213 so H3651 that night: H3915 for it was dry H2721 on the fleece H1492 only, H905 and there was dew H2919 on H5921 all H3605 the ground. H776
Isaiah 7:11
Ask H7592 you a sign H226 of the LORD H3068 your God; H430 ask H7592 it either in the depth, H6009 or H176 in the height H1361 above. H4605
Isaiah 7:14
Therefore H3651 the Lord H136 himself H1931 shall give H5414 you a sign; H226 Behold, H2009 a virgin H5959 shall conceive, H2030 and bear H3205 a son, H1121 and shall call H7121 his name H8034 Immanuel. H6005
Isaiah 38:22
Hezekiah H2396 also had said, H559 What H4100 is the sign H226 that I shall go H5927 up to the house H1004 of the LORD? H3068
Hosea 6:2
After two days H3117 will he revive H2421 us: in the third H7992 day H3117 he will raise H6965 us up, and we shall live H2421 in his sight. H6440