2 Kings 2:20-22
And he said, H559 Bring H3947 me a new H2319 cruse, H6746 and put H7760 salt H4417 therein. H8033 And they brought H3947 it to him.
And he went H3318 forth H3318 to the spring H4161 of the waters, H4325 and cast H7993 the salt H4417 in there, H8033 and said, H559 Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD, H3068 I have healed H7495 these H428 waters; H4325 there H8033 shall not be from there any more H5750 death H4194 or barren H7921 land.
So the waters H4325 were healed H7495 to this H2088 day, H3117 according to the saying H1697 of Elisha H477 which H834 he spoke. H1696
2 Kings 4:41
But he said, H559 Then bring H3947 meal. H7058 And he cast H7993 it into H413 the pot; H5518 and he said, H559 Pour H3332 out for the people, H5971 that they may eat. H398 And there was no H3808 harm H1697 H7451 in the pot. H5518
Isaiah 38:21
For Isaiah H3470 had said, H559 Let them take H5375 a lump H1690 of figs, H8384 and lay it for a plaster H4799 on the boil, H7822 and he shall recover. H2421