2 Samuel 7:3-5
And Nathan H5416 said H559 to the king, H4428 Go, H3212 do H6213 all H3605 that is in your heart; H3824 for the LORD H3068 is with you.
And it came H1961 to pass that night, H3915 that the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 came H1961 to Nathan, H5416 saying, H559
Go H3212 and tell H559 my servant H5650 David, H1732 Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD, H3068 Shall you build H1129 me an house H1004 for me to dwell H3427 in?
1 Chronicles 17:2-4
Then Nathan H5416 said H559 to David, H1732 Do H6213 all H3605 that is in your heart; H3824 for God H430 is with you.
And it came H1961 to pass the same H1931 night, H3915 that the word H1697 of God H430 came H1961 to Nathan, H5416 saying, H559
Go H3212 and tell H559 David H1732 my servant, H5650 Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD, H3068 You shall not build H1129 me an house H1004 to dwell H3427 in:
Joshua 5:14
And he said, H559 No; H3808 but as captain H8269 of the host H6635 of the LORD H3068 am I now H6258 come. H935 And Joshua H3091 fell H5307 on H413 his face H6440 to the earth, H776 and did worship, H7812 and said H559 to him, What H4100 said H1696 my Lord H113 to his servant? H5650
Joshua 5:15
And the captain H8269 of the LORD's H3068 host H6635 said H559 to Joshua, H3091 Loose H5394 your shoe H5275 from off H5921 your foot; H7272 for the place H4725 where on H834 H5921 you stand H5975 is holy. H6944 And Joshua H3091 did H6213 so. H3651
1 Samuel 9:16
To morrow H4279 about this time H6256 I will send H7971 you a man H376 out of the land H776 of Benjamin, H1144 and you shall anoint H4886 him to be captain H5057 over H5921 my people H5971 Israel, H3478 that he may save H3467 my people H5971 out of the hand H3027 of the Philistines: H6430 for I have looked H7200 on my people, H5971 because H3588 their cry H6818 is come H935 to me.
1 Samuel 10:1
Then Samuel H8050 took H3947 a vial H6378 of oil, H8081 and poured H3332 it on his head, H7218 and kissed H5401 him, and said, H559 Is it not because H3588 the LORD H3068 has anointed H4886 you to be captain H5057 over H5921 his inheritance? H5159
2 Samuel 5:2
Also H1571 in time H865 H8543 past, H8032 when Saul H7586 was king H4428 over H5921 us, you were H1961 he that led H3318 out and brought H935 in Israel: H3478 and the LORD H3068 said H559 to you, You shall feed H7462 my people H5971 Israel, H3478 and you shall be a captain H5057 over H5921 Israel. H3478
2 Chronicles 13:12
And, behold, H2009 God H430 himself is with us for our captain, H7218 and his priests H3548 with sounding H8643 trumpets H2689 to cry H7321 alarm H7321 against H5921 you. O children H1121 of Israel, H3478 fight H3898 you not against H5973 the LORD H3068 God H430 of your fathers; H1 for you shall not prosper. H6743
Hebrews 2:10
For it became G4241 him, for whom G3739 are all G3956 things, and by whom G3739 are all G3956 things, in bringing G71 many G4183 sons G5207 to glory, G1391 to make G5055 the captain G747 of their salvation G4991 perfect G5048 through G1223 sufferings. G3804
2 Chronicles 34:3
For in the eighth H8083 year H8141 of his reign, H4427 while he was yet H5750 young, H5288 he began H2490 to seek H1875 after the God H430 of David H1732 his father: H1 and in the twelfth H8147 H6240 year H8141 he began H2490 to purge H2891 Judah H3063 and Jerusalem H3389 from the high H1116 places, and the groves, H842 and the carved H6456 images, and the molten H4541 images.
Isaiah 38:5
Go, H1980 and say H559 to Hezekiah, H2396 Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD, H3068 the God H430 of David H1732 your father, H1 I have heard H8085 your prayer, H8605 I have seen H7200 your tears: H1832 behold, H2005 I will add H3254 to your days H3117 fifteen H2568 H6240 years. H8141
Isaiah 55:3
Incline H5186 your ear, H241 and come H3212 to me: hear, H8085 and your soul H5315 shall live; H2421 and I will make H3772 an everlasting H5769 covenant H1285 with you, even the sure H539 mercies H2617 of David. H1732
Matthew 22:32
I am G1510 the God G2316 of Abraham, G11 and the God G2316 of Isaac, G2464 and the God G2316 of Jacob? G2384 God G2316 is not the God G2316 of the dead, G3498 but of the living. G2198
2 Kings 19:20
Then Isaiah H3470 the son H1121 of Amoz H531 sent H7971 to Hezekiah, H2396 saying, H559 Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD H3068 God H430 of Israel, H3478 That which H834 you have prayed H6419 to me against H413 Sennacherib H5576 king H4428 of Assyria H804 I have heard. H8085
Psalm 65:2
O you that hear H8085 prayer, H8605 to you shall all H3605 flesh H1320 come. H935
Psalm 66:19
But truly H403 God H430 has heard H8085 me; he has attended H7181 to the voice H6963 of my prayer. H8605
Psalm 66:20
Blessed H1288 be God, H430 which H834 has not turned H5493 away my prayer, H8605 nor his mercy H2617 from me.
Luke 1:13
But the angel G32 said G2036 to him, Fear G5399 not, Zacharias: G2197 for your prayer G1162 is heard; G1522 and your wife G1135 Elisabeth G1665 shall bear G1080 you a son, G5207 and you shall call G2564 his name G3686 John. G2491
Psalm 39:12
Hear H8085 my prayer, H8605 O LORD, H3068 and give ear H238 to my cry; H7775 hold H2790 not your peace H2790 at H413 my tears: H1832 for I am a stranger H1616 with you, and a sojourner, H8453 as all H3605 my fathers H1 were.
Psalm 56:8
You tell H5608 my wanderings: H5112 put H5414 you my tears H1832 into your bottle: H4997 are they not in your book? H5612
Psalm 126:5
They that sow H2232 in tears H1832 shall reap H7114 in joy. H7440
Revelation 7:17
For the Lamb G721 which G3588 is in the middle G3319 of the throne G2362 shall feed G4165 them, and shall lead G3594 them to living G2198 fountains G4077 of waters: G5204 and God G2316 shall wipe G1813 away G1813 all G3956 tears G1144 from their eyes. G3788
2 Kings 20:7
And Isaiah H3470 said, H559 Take H3947 a lump H1690 of figs. H8384 And they took H3947 and laid H7760 it on H5921 the boil, H7822 and he recovered. H2421
Exodus 15:26
And said, H559 If H518 you will diligently listen H8085 to the voice H6963 of the LORD H3068 your God, H430 and will do H6213 that which is right H3477 in his sight, H5869 and will give ear H238 to his commandments, H4687 and keep H8104 all H3605 his statutes, H2706 I will put H7760 none H3808 of these diseases H4245 on you, which H834 I have brought H7760 on the Egyptians: H4714 for I am the LORD H3068 that heals H7495 you.
Deuteronomy 32:39
See H7200 now H6258 that I, even I, am he, and there is no H369 god H430 with me: I kill, H4191 and I make alive; H2421 I wound, H4272 and I heal: H7495 neither H369 is there any that can deliver H5337 out of my hand. H3027
Job 33:19-26
He is chastened H3198 also with pain H4341 on his bed, H4904 and the multitude H7379 of his bones H6106 with strong H386 pain:
So that his life H2416 abhors H2092 bread, H3899 and his soul H5315 dainty H8378 meat. H3978
His flesh H1320 is consumed H3615 away, that it cannot H3808 be seen; H7210 and his bones H6106 that were not seen H7200 stick H8205 out.
Yes, his soul H5315 draws near H7126 to the grave, H7845 and his life H2416 to the destroyers. H4191
If H518 there be a messenger H4397 with him, an interpreter, H3887 one H259 among H4480 a thousand, H505 to show H5046 to man H120 his uprightness: H3476
Then he is gracious H2603 to him, and said, H559 Deliver H6308 him from going H3381 down H3381 to the pit: H7845 I have found H4672 a ransom. H3724
His flesh H1320 shall be fresher H7375 than a child's: H5290 he shall return H7725 to the days H3117 of his youth: H5934
He shall pray H6279 to God, H433 and he will be favorable H7521 to him: and he shall see H7200 his face H6440 with joy: H8643 for he will render H7725 to man H582 his righteousness. H6666
Psalm 147:3
He heals H7495 the broken H7665 in heart, H3820 and binds H2280 up their wounds. H6094
James 5:14
Is any G5100 sick G770 among G1722 you? let him call G4341 for the elders G4245 of the church; G1577 and let them pray G4336 over G1909 him, anointing G218 him with oil G1637 in the name G3686 of the Lord: G2962
James 5:15
And the prayer G2171 of faith G4102 shall save G4982 the sick, G2577 and the Lord G2962 shall raise G1453 him up; and if he have committed G4160 sins, G266 they shall be forgiven G863 him.
2 Kings 20:8
And Hezekiah H2396 said H559 to Isaiah, H3470 What H4100 shall be the sign H226 that the LORD H3068 will heal H7495 me, and that I shall go H5927 up into the house H1004 of the LORD H3068 the third H7992 day? H3117
Psalm 66:13-15
I will go H935 into your house H1004 with burnt H5930 offerings: I will pay H7999 you my vows, H5088
Which H834 my lips H8193 have uttered, H6475 and my mouth H6310 has spoken, H1696 when I was in trouble. H6862
I will offer H5927 to you burnt H5930 sacrifices of fatted calves, H4220 with the incense H7004 of rams; H352 I will offer H6213 bullocks H1241 with goats. H6260 Selah. H5542
Psalm 66:19-15
Psalm 66:20-15
Psalm 116:12-14
What H4100 shall I render H7725 to the LORD H3068 for all H3605 his benefits H8408 toward H5921 me?
I will take H5375 the cup H3563 of salvation, H3444 and call H7121 on the name H8034 of the LORD. H3068
I will pay H7999 my vows H5088 to the LORD H3068 now H4994 in the presence H5048 of all H3605 his people. H5971
Psalm 118:17-19
I shall not die, H4191 but live, H2421 and declare H5608 the works H4639 of the LORD. H3050
The LORD H3050 has chastened H3256 me sore: but he has not given H5414 me over H5414 to death. H4194
Open H6605 to me the gates H8179 of righteousness: H6664 I will go H935 into them, and I will praise H3034 the LORD: H3050
Isaiah 38:22
Hezekiah H2396 also had said, H559 What H4100 is the sign H226 that I shall go H5927 up to the house H1004 of the LORD? H3068
John 5:14
Afterward G3326 G5023 Jesus G2424 finds G2147 him in the temple, G2411 and said G2036 to him, Behold, G2396 you are made G1096 whole: G5199 sin G264 no G3371 more, G3371 lest G2443 G3361 a worse G5501 thing come G1096 to you.