2 Kings 22:14
So Hilkiah H2518 the priest, H3548 and Ahikam, H296 and Achbor, H5907 and Shaphan, H8227 and Asahiah, H6222 went H3212 to Huldah H2468 the prophetess, H5031 the wife H802 of Shallum H7967 the son H1121 of Tikvah, H8616 the son H1121 of Harhas, H2745 keeper H8104 of the wardrobe; H899 (now she dwelled H3427 in Jerusalem H3389 in the college; H4932 ) and they communed H1696 with her.
1 Kings 7:8
And his house H1004 where H834 H8033 he dwelled H3427 had another H312 court H2691 within H1004 the porch, H197 which was of the like work. H4639 Solomon H8010 made H6213 also an house H1004 for Pharaoh's H6547 daughter, H1323 whom H834 he had taken H3947 to wife, H802 like to this H2088 porch. H197