Leviticus 10:3
Then Moses H4872 said H559 to Aaron, H175 This H1931 is it that the LORD H3068 spoke, H1696 saying, H559 I will be sanctified H6942 in them that come H7138 near H7138 me, and before H5921 H6440 all H3605 the people H5971 I will be glorified. H3513 And Aaron H175 held H1826 his peace. H1826
1 Samuel 3:18
And Samuel H8050 told H5046 him every H3605 whit, H1697 and hid H3582 nothing H3808 from him. And he said, H559 It is the LORD: H3068 let him do H6213 what seems H5869 him good. H2896
Job 1:21
And said, H559 Naked H6174 came H3318 I out of my mother's H517 womb, H990 and naked H6174 shall I return H7725 thither: H8033 the LORD H3068 gave, H5414 and the LORD H3068 has taken H3947 away; blessed H1288 be the name H8034 of the LORD. H3068
Psalm 39:9
I was dumb, H481 I opened H6605 not my mouth; H6310 because H3588 you did H6213 it.
Lamentations 3:22
It is of the LORD's H3068 mercies H2617 that we are not consumed, H8552 because H3588 his compassions H7355 fail H3615 not.
Lamentations 3:39
Why H4100 does a living H2416 man H120 complain, H596 a man H1397 for the punishment H2399 of his sins? H2399
Esther 9:30
And he sent H7971 the letters H5612 to all H3605 the Jews, H3064 to the hundred H3967 twenty H6242 and seven H7651 provinces H4082 of the kingdom H4438 of Ahasuerus, H325 with words H1697 of peace H7965 and truth, H571
Jeremiah 33:6
Behold, H2005 I will bring H4608 it health H724 and cure, H4832 and I will cure H7495 them, and will reveal H1540 to them the abundance H6283 of peace H7965 and truth. H571
Zechariah 8:19
Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD H3068 of hosts; H6635 The fast H6685 of the fourth H7243 month, and the fast H6685 of the fifth, H2549 and the fast H6685 of the seventh, H7637 and the fast H6685 of the tenth, H6224 shall be to the house H1004 of Judah H3063 joy H8342 and gladness, H8057 and cheerful H2896 feasts; H4150 therefore love H157 the truth H571 and peace. H7965
Luke 2:10
And the angel G32 said G2036 to them, Fear G5399 not: for, behold, G2400 I bring G2097 you good G2097 tidings G2097 of great G3173 joy, G5479 which G3748 shall be to all G3956 people. G2992
Luke 2:14
Glory G1391 to God G2316 in the highest, G5310 and on G1909 earth G1093 peace, G1515 good G2107 will G2107 toward G1722 men. G444