2 Kings 24:12
And Jehoiachin H3078 the king H4428 of Judah H3063 went H3318 out to the king H4428 of Babylon, H894 he, and his mother, H517 and his servants, H5650 and his princes, H8269 and his officers: H5631 and the king H4428 of Babylon H894 took H3947 him in the eighth H8083 year H8141 of his reign. H4427
2 Kings 25:6
So they took H8610 the king, H4428 and brought H5927 him up to the king H4428 of Babylon H894 to Riblah; H7247 and they gave H1696 judgment H4941 on him.
2 Chronicles 33:11
Why the LORD H3068 brought H935 on them the captains H8269 of the host H6635 of the king H4428 of Assyria, H804 which took H3920 Manasseh H4519 among the thorns, H2336 and bound H631 him with fetters, H5178 and carried H3212 him to Babylon. H894