2 Kings 20:13
And Hezekiah H2396 listened H8085 to them, and showed H7200 them all H3605 the house H1004 of his precious H5238 things, the silver, H3701 and the gold, H2091 and the spices, H1314 and the precious H2896 ointment, H8081 and all H3605 the house H1004 of his armor, H3627 and all H3605 that was found H4672 in his treasures: H214 there was nothing H3808 H1697 in his house, H1004 nor in all H3605 his dominion, H4475 that Hezekiah H2396 showed H7200 them not.
Joshua 7:19
And Joshua H3091 said H559 to Achan, H5912 My son, H1121 give, H7760 I pray H4994 you, glory H3519 to the LORD H3068 God H430 of Israel, H3478 and make H5414 confession H8426 to him; and tell H5046 me now H4994 what H4100 you have done; H6213 hide H3582 it not from me.
Job 31:33
If H518 I covered H3680 my transgressions H6588 as Adam, H121 by hiding H2934 my iniquity H5771 in my bosom: H2243
Proverbs 28:13
He that covers H3680 his sins H6588 shall not prosper: H6743 but whoever confesses H3034 and forsakes H5800 them shall have mercy. H7355
1 John 1:8-10
If G1437 we say G2036 that we have G2192 no G3756 sin, G266 we deceive G4105 ourselves, G1438 and the truth G225 is not in us.
If G1437 we confess G3670 our sins, G266 he is faithful G4103 and just G1342 to forgive G863 us our sins, G266 and to cleanse G2511 us from all G3956 unrighteousness. G93
If G1437 we say G2036 that we have not sinned, G264 we make G4160 him a liar, G5583 and his word G3056 is not in us.