Isaiah 39:3-8
Then came H935 Isaiah H3470 the prophet H5030 to king H4428 Hezekiah, H2396 and said H559 to him, What H4100 said H559 these H428 men? H582 and from where H370 came H935 they to you? And Hezekiah H2396 said, H559 They are come H935 from a far H7350 country H776 to me, even from Babylon. H894
Then said H559 he, What H4100 have they seen H7200 in your house? H1004 And Hezekiah H2396 answered, H559 All H3605 that is in my house H1004 have they seen: H7200 there is nothing H3808 H1697 among my treasures H214 that I have not showed H7200 them.
Then said H559 Isaiah H3470 to Hezekiah, H2396 Hear H8085 the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 of hosts: H6635
Behold, H2009 the days H3117 come, H935 that all H3605 that is in your house, H1004 and that which H834 your fathers H1 have laid up in store H686 until H5704 this H2088 day, H3117 shall be carried H5375 to Babylon: H894 nothing H3808 H1697 shall be left, H3498 said H559 the LORD. H3068
And of your sons H1121 that shall issue H3318 from you, which H834 you shall beget, H3205 shall they take H3947 away; and they shall be eunuchs H5631 in the palace H1964 of the king H4428 of Babylon. H894
Then said H559 Hezekiah H2396 to Isaiah, H3470 Good H2896 is the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 which H834 you have spoken. H1696 He said H559 moreover, For there shall be peace H7965 and truth H571 in my days. H3117
2 Kings 5:25
But he went H935 in, and stood H5975 before H413 his master. H113 And Elisha H477 said H559 to him, From where H370 come you, Gehazi? H1522 And he said, H559 Your servant H5650 went H1980 no H3808 where. H575
2 Kings 5:26
And he said H559 to him, Went H1980 not my heart H3820 with you, when H3588 the man H376 turned H2015 again from his chariot H4818 to meet H7125 you? Is it a time H6256 to receive H3947 money, H3701 and to receive H3947 garments, H899 and olive groves, H2132 and vineyards, H3754 and sheep, H6629 and oxen, H1241 and menservants, H5650 and maidservants? H8198
2 Samuel 12:7-15
And Nathan H5416 said H559 to David, H1732 You are the man. H376 Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD H3068 God H430 of Israel, H3478 I anointed H4886 you king H4428 over H5921 Israel, H3478 and I delivered H5337 you out of the hand H3027 of Saul; H7586
And I gave H5414 you your master's H113 house, H1004 and your master's H113 wives H802 into your bosom, H2436 and gave H5414 you the house H1004 of Israel H3478 and of Judah; H3063 and if H518 that had been too little, H4592 I would moreover H3254 have given H3254 to you such H2007 and such H2007 things.
Why H4069 have you despised H959 the commandment H1697 of the LORD, H3068 to do H6213 evil H7451 in his sight? H5869 you have killed H5221 Uriah H223 the Hittite H2850 with the sword, H2719 and have taken H3947 his wife H802 to be your wife, H802 and have slain H2026 him with the sword H2719 of the children H1121 of Ammon. H5983
Now H6258 therefore the sword H2719 shall never H3808 depart H5493 from your house; H1004 because H6118 H3588 you have despised H959 me, and have taken H3947 the wife H802 of Uriah H223 the Hittite H2850 to be your wife. H802
Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD, H3068 Behold, H2005 I will raise H6965 up evil H7451 against H5921 you out of your own house, H1004 and I will take H3947 your wives H802 before your eyes, H5869 and give H5414 them to your neighbor, H7453 and he shall lie H7901 with your wives H802 in the sight H5869 of this H2063 sun. H8121
For you did H6213 it secretly: H5643 but I will do H6213 this H2088 thing H1697 before H5048 all H3605 Israel, H3478 and before H5048 the sun. H8121
And David H1732 said H559 to Nathan, H5416 I have sinned H2398 against the LORD. H3068 And Nathan H5416 said H559 to David, H1732 The LORD H3068 also H1571 has put H5674 away H5674 your sin; H2403 you shall not die. H4191
However, H657 because H3588 by this H2088 deed H1697 you have given great H5006 occasion to the enemies H341 of the LORD H3068 to blaspheme, H5006 the child H1121 also H1571 that is born H3209 to you shall surely die. H4191
And Nathan H5416 departed H3212 to his house. H1004 And the LORD H3068 struck H5062 the child H3206 that Uriah's H223 wife H802 bore H3205 to David, H1732 and it was very sick. H605
2 Chronicles 16:7-10
And at that time H6256 Hanani H2607 the seer H7200 came H935 to Asa H609 king H4428 of Judah, H3063 and said H559 to him, Because you have relied H8172 on H5921 the king H4428 of Syria, H758 and not relied H8172 on H5921 the LORD H3068 your God, H430 therefore H5921 H3651 is the host H2428 of the king H4428 of Syria H758 escaped H4422 out of your hand. H3027
Were not the Ethiopians H3569 and the Lubims H3864 a huge H7230 host, H2428 with very H3966 many H7235 chariots H7393 and horsemen? H6571 yet, because you did rely H8172 on H5921 the LORD, H3068 he delivered H5414 them into your hand. H3027
For the eyes H5869 of the LORD H3068 run H7751 to and fro H7751 throughout the whole H3605 earth, H776 to show himself strong H2388 in the behalf H5973 of them whose heart H3824 is perfect H8003 toward H413 him. Herein H5921 you have done foolishly: H5528 therefore from now on H6258 you shall have H3426 wars. H4421
Then Asa H609 was wroth H3707 with the seer, H7200 and put H5414 him in a prison H4115 house; H1004 for he was in a rage H2197 with him because H5921 of this H2063 thing. And Asa H609 oppressed H7533 some of the people H5971 the same H1931 time. H6256
2 Chronicles 25:7-9
But there came H935 a man H376 of God H430 to him, saying, H559 O king, H4428 let not the army H6635 of Israel H3478 go H935 with you; for the LORD H3068 is not with Israel, H3478 to wit, with all H3605 the children H1121 of Ephraim. H669
But if H518 you will go, H935 do H6213 it; be strong H2388 for the battle: H4421 God H430 shall make you fall H3782 before H6440 the enemy: H341 for God H430 has H3426 power H3581 to help, H5826 and to cast H3782 down. H3782
And Amaziah H558 said H559 to the man H376 of God, H430 But what H4100 shall we do H6213 for the hundred H3967 talents H3603 which H834 I have given H5414 to the army H1416 of Israel? H3478 And the man H376 of God H430 answered, H559 The LORD H3068 is able to give H5414 you much H7235 more H7235 than this. H2088
2 Chronicles 25:15-9
2 Chronicles 25:16-9
Psalm 141:5
Let the righteous H6662 smite H1986 me; it shall be a kindness: H2617 and let him reprove H3198 me; it shall be an excellent H7218 oil, H8081 which shall not break H5106 my head: H7218 for yet H5750 my prayer H8605 also shall be in their calamities. H7451
Proverbs 25:12
As an earring H5141 of gold, H2091 and an ornament H2481 of fine gold, H3800 so H3651 is a wise H2450 reprover H3198 on an obedient H8085 ear. H241
Jeremiah 26:18
Micah H4320 the Morasthite H4183 prophesied H5012 in the days H3117 of Hezekiah H2396 king H4428 of Judah, H3063 and spoke H559 to all H3605 the people H5971 of Judah, H3063 saying, H559 Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD H3068 of hosts; H6635 Zion H6726 shall be plowed H2790 like a field, H7704 and Jerusalem H3389 shall become H1961 heaps, H5856 and the mountain H2022 of the house H1004 as the high H1116 places of a forest. H3293
Jeremiah 26:19
Did Hezekiah H2396 king H4428 of Judah H3063 and all H3605 Judah H3063 put him at all to death? H4191 did he not fear H3373 the LORD, H3068 and sought H2470 the LORD, H3068 and the LORD H3068 repented H5162 him of the evil H7451 which H834 he had pronounced H1696 against H5921 them? Thus might we procure H6213 great H1419 evil H7451 against H5921 our souls. H5315
Amos 7:12
Also Amaziah H558 said H559 to Amos, H5986 O you seer, H2374 go, H3212 flee H1272 you away into H413 the land H776 of Judah, H3063 and there H8033 eat H398 bread, H3899 and prophesy H5012 there: H8033
Amos 7:13
But prophesy H5012 not again H3254 any more H5750 at Bethel: H1008 for it is the king's H4428 chapel, H4720 and it is the king's H4467 court. H1004
Mark 6:18
For John G2491 had said G3004 to Herod, G2264 It is not lawful G1832 for you to have G2192 your brother's G80 wife. G1135
Mark 6:19
Therefore Herodias G2266 had a quarrel G1758 against him, and would G2309 have killed G615 him; but she could G1410 not:
Deuteronomy 28:49
The LORD H3068 shall bring H5375 a nation H1471 against H5921 you from far, H7350 from the end H7097 of the earth, H776 as swift as the eagle H5404 flies; H1675 a nation H1471 whose H834 tongue H3956 you shall not understand; H8085
Joshua 9:6
And they went H3212 to Joshua H3091 to the camp H4264 at Gilgal, H1537 and said H559 to him, and to the men H376 of Israel, H3478 We be come H935 from a far H7350 country: H776 now H6258 therefore make H3772 you a league H1285 with us.
Joshua 9:9
And they said H559 to him, From a very H3966 far H7350 country H776 your servants H5650 are come H935 because of the name H8034 of the LORD H3068 your God: H430 for we have heard H8085 the fame H8089 of him, and all H3605 that he did H6213 in Egypt, H4714
Isaiah 13:5
They come H935 from a far H4801 country, H776 from the end H7093 of heaven, H8064 even the LORD, H3068 and the weapons H3627 of his indignation, H2195 to destroy H2254 the whole H3605 land. H776