Exodus 14:15
And the LORD H3068 said H559 to Moses, H4872 Why H4100 cry H6817 you to me? speak H1696 to the children H1121 of Israel, H3478 that they go H5265 forward: H5265
1 Kings 17:20
And he cried H7121 to the LORD, H3068 and said, H559 O LORD H3068 my God, H430 have you also brought evil H7489 on the widow H490 with whom H834 I sojourn, H1481 by slaying H4191 her son? H1121
1 Kings 17:21
And he stretched H4058 himself on the child H3206 three H7969 times, H6471 and cried H7121 to the LORD, H3068 and said, H559 O LORD H3068 my God, H430 I pray H4994 you, let this H2088 child's H3206 soul H5315 come H7725 into H5921 him again. H7725
1 Kings 18:36-38
And it came H1961 to pass at the time of the offering H5927 of the evening sacrifice, H4503 that Elijah H452 the prophet H5030 came H5066 near, H5066 and said, H559 LORD H3068 God H430 of Abraham, H85 Isaac, H3327 and of Israel, H3478 let it be known H3045 this H2088 day H3117 that you are God H430 in Israel, H3478 and that I am your servant, H5650 and that I have done H6213 all H3605 these H428 things H1697 at your word. H1697
Hear H6030 me, O LORD, H3068 hear H6030 me, that this H2088 people H5971 may know H3045 that you are the LORD H3068 God, H430 and that you have turned H5437 their heart H3820 back H322 again. H322
Then the fire H784 of the LORD H3068 fell, H5307 and consumed H398 the burnt H5930 sacrifice, and the wood, H6086 and the stones, H68 and the dust, H6083 and licked H3897 up the water H4325 that was in the trench. H8585
Acts 9:40
But Peter G4074 put G1544 them all G3956 forth, G1854 and kneeled G5087 G1119 down, and prayed; G4336 and turning G1994 him to the body G4983 said, G2036 Tabitha, G5000 arise. G450 And she opened G455 her eyes: G3788 and when she saw G1492 Peter, G4074 she sat G339 up.
Joshua 10:12-14
Then H227 spoke H1696 Joshua H3091 to the LORD H3068 in the day H3117 when the LORD H3068 delivered H5414 up the Amorites H567 before H6440 the children H1121 of Israel, H3478 and he said H559 in the sight H5869 of Israel, H3478 Sun, H8121 stand H1826 you still H1826 on Gibeon; H1391 and you, Moon, H3394 in the valley H6010 of Ajalon. H357
And the sun H8121 stood H1826 still, H1826 and the moon H3394 stayed, H5975 until H5704 the people H1471 had avenged H5358 themselves on their enemies. H341 Is not this H1931 written H3789 in the book H5612 of Jasher? H3477 So the sun H8121 stood H5975 still in the middle H2677 of heaven, H8064 and hurried H213 not to go H935 down about a whole H8549 day. H3117
And there was no H3808 day H3117 like that before H6440 it or after H310 it, that the LORD H3068 listened H8085 to the voice H6963 of a man: H376 for the LORD H3068 fought H3898 for Israel. H3478
2 Chronicles 32:24
In those H1992 days H3117 Hezekiah H2396 was sick H2470 to the death, H4191 and prayed H6419 to the LORD: H3068 and he spoke H559 to him, and he gave H5414 him a sign. H4159
2 Chronicles 32:31
However, H3651 in the business of the ambassadors H3887 of the princes H8269 of Babylon, H894 who sent H7971 to him to inquire H1875 of the wonder H4159 that was done in the land, H776 God H430 left H5800 him, to try H5254 him, that he might know H3045 all H3605 that was in his heart. H3824
Isaiah 38:8
Behold, H2005 I will bring H7725 again H7725 the shadow H6738 of the degrees, H4609 which H834 is gone H3381 down in the sun H8121 dial H4609 of Ahaz, H271 ten H6235 degrees H4609 backward. H322 So the sun H8121 returned H7725 ten H6235 degrees, H4609 by which degrees H4609 it was gone H3381 down.