2 Kings 2:10
And he said, H559 You have asked H7592 a hard H7185 thing: nevertheless, if H518 you see H7200 me when I am taken H3947 from you, it shall be so H3651 to you; but if H518 not, it shall not be so.
2 Kings 3:18
And this H2063 is but a light H7043 thing in the sight H5869 of the LORD: H3068 he will deliver H5414 the Moabites H4124 also into your hand. H3027
Isaiah 49:6
And he said, H559 It is a light H7043 thing that you should be my servant H5650 to raise H6965 up the tribes H7626 of Jacob, H3290 and to restore H7725 the preserved H5336 of Israel: H3478 I will also give H5414 you for a light H216 to the Gentiles, H1471 that you may be my salvation H3444 to the end H7097 of the earth. H776
Mark 9:28
And when he was come G1525 into G1519 the house, G3624 his disciples G3101 asked G1905 him privately, G2596 G2398 Why G3754 could G1410 not we cast G1544 him out?
Mark 9:29
And he said G2036 to them, This G5124 kind G1085 can G1410 come G1831 forth G1831 by nothing, G3762 but by prayer G4335 and fasting. G3521
John 14:12
Truly, G281 truly, G281 I say G3004 to you, He that believes G4100 on G1519 me, the works G2041 that I do G4160 shall he do G4160 also; G2548 and greater G3187 works G2041 than these G5130 shall he do; G4160 because G3754 I go G4198 to my Father. G3962