Job 26:7
He stretches H5186 out the north H6828 over H5921 the empty H8414 place, H8414 and hangs H8518 the earth H776 on nothing. H1099
Job 26:10
He has compassed H2328 the waters H4325 with bounds, H2706 until H5704 the day H216 and night H2822 come to an end. H8503
Job 38:8-11
Or who shut H5526 up the sea H3220 with doors, H1817 when it broke H1518 forth, H1518 as if it had issued H3318 out of the womb? H7358
When I made H7760 the cloud H6051 the garment H3830 thereof, and thick darkness H6205 a swaddling cloth H2854 for it,
And broke H7665 up for it my decreed H2706 place, and set H7760 bars H1280 and doors, H1817
And said, H559 Till now H5704 H6311 shall you come, H935 but no H3808 further: H3254 and here H6311 shall your proud H1347 waves H1530 be stayed? H7896
Psalm 24:1
A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 The earth H776 is the LORD's, H3068 and the fullness H4393 thereof; the world, H8398 and they that dwell H3427 therein.
Psalm 24:2
For he has founded H3245 it on the seas, H3220 and established H3559 it on the floods. H5104
Psalm 33:7
He gathers H3664 the waters H4325 of the sea H3220 together as an heap: H5067 he lays H5414 up the depth H8415 in storehouses. H214
Psalm 95:5
The sea H3220 is his, and he made H6213 it: and his hands H3027 formed H3335 the dry H3006 land.
Psalm 104:3
Who lays H7760 the beams H7136 of his chambers H5944 in the waters: H4325 who makes H7760 the clouds H5645 his chariot: H7398 who walks H1980 on the wings H3671 of the wind: H7307
Psalm 104:5-9
Who laid the foundations H4349 of the earth, H776 that it should not be removed H4131 for ever. H5769 H5703
You covered H3680 it with the deep H8415 as with a garment: H3830 the waters H4325 stood H5975 above H5921 the mountains. H2022
At H4480 your rebuke H1606 they fled; H5127 at H4480 the voice H6963 of your thunder H7482 they hurried H2648 away.
They go H5927 up by the mountains; H2022 they go H3381 down H3381 by the valleys H1237 to the place H4725 which H2088 you have founded H3245 for them.
You have set H7760 a bound H1366 that they may not pass H5674 over; H5674 that they turn H7725 not again H7725 to cover H3680 the earth. H776
Psalm 136:5
To him that by wisdom H8394 made H6213 the heavens: H8064 for his mercy H2617 endures for ever. H5769
Psalm 136:6
To him that stretched H7554 out the earth H776 above H5921 the waters: H4325 for his mercy H2617 endures for ever. H5769
Proverbs 8:28
When he established H553 the clouds H7834 above: H4605 when he strengthened H5810 the fountains H5869 of the deep: H8415
Proverbs 8:29
When he gave H7760 to the sea H3220 his decree, H2706 that the waters H4325 should not pass H5674 his commandment: H6310 when he appointed H2710 the foundations H4146 of the earth: H776
Ecclesiastes 1:7
All H3605 the rivers H5158 run H1980 into H413 the sea; H3220 yet the sea H3220 is not full; H4392 to the place H4725 from where the rivers H5158 come, H1980 thither H8033 they return H7725 again. H7725
Jeremiah 5:22
Fear H3372 you not me? said H5002 the LORD: H3068 will you not tremble H2342 at my presence, H6440 which H834 have placed H7760 the sand H2344 for the bound H1366 of the sea H3220 by a perpetual H5769 decree, H2706 that it cannot H3808 pass H5674 it: and though the waves H1530 thereof toss H1607 themselves, yet can they not prevail; H3201 though they roar, H1993 yet can H3201 they not pass H5674 over H5674 it?
Jonah 1:9
And he said H559 to them, I am an Hebrew; H5680 and I fear H3373 the LORD, H3068 the God H430 of heaven, H8064 which H834 has made H6213 the sea H3220 and the dry H3004 land. H127
2 Peter 3:5
For this G5124 they willingly G2309 are ignorant G2990 of, that by the word G3056 of God G2316 the heavens G3772 were of old, G1597 and the earth G1093 standing G4921 out of the water G5204 and in the water: G5204
Revelation 10:6
And swore G3660 by him that lives G2198 for ever G165 and ever, G165 who created G2936 heaven, G3772 and the things that therein G1722 G846 are, and the earth, G1093 and the things that therein G1722 G846 are, and the sea, G2281 and the things which are therein, G1722 G846 that there should be time G5550 no G3756 longer: G2089