Proverbs 8:28
When he established H553 the clouds H7834 above: H4605 when he strengthened H5810 the fountains H5869 of the deep: H8415
Proverbs 8:29
When he gave H7760 to the sea H3220 his decree, H2706 that the waters H4325 should not pass H5674 his commandment: H6310 when he appointed H2710 the foundations H4146 of the earth: H776
Job 26:8
He binds H6887 up the waters H4325 in his thick clouds; H5645 and the cloud H6051 is not rent H1234 under H5921 them.
Psalm 104:10
He sends H7971 the springs H4599 into the valleys, H5158 which run H1980 among H996 the hills. H2022
Psalm 148:4
Praise H1984 him, you heavens H8064 of heavens, H8064 and you waters H4325 that be above H4791 the heavens. H8064
Ecclesiastes 11:3
If H518 the clouds H5645 be full H4390 of rain, H1653 they empty H7324 themselves on the earth: H776 and if H518 the tree H6086 fall H5307 toward the south, H1864 or toward the north, H6828 in the place H4725 where the tree H6086 falls, H5307 there H8033 it shall be.
Genesis 1:9
And God H430 said, H559 Let the waters H4325 under H8478 the heaven H8064 be gathered H6960 together to one H259 place, H4725 and let the dry H3004 land appear: H7200 and it was so. H3651
Genesis 1:11
And God H430 said, H559 Let the earth H776 bring H1876 forth H1876 grass, H1877 the herb H6212 yielding H2232 seed, H2233 and the fruit H6529 tree H6086 yielding H6213 fruit H6529 after his kind, H4327 whose H834 seed H2233 is in itself, on the earth: H776 and it was so. H3651
Genesis 1:15
And let them be for lights H3974 in the firmament H7549 of the heaven H8064 to give light H216 on the earth: H776 and it was so. H3651
Genesis 1:24
And God H430 said, H559 Let the earth H776 bring H3318 forth H3318 the living H2416 creature H5315 after his kind, H4327 cattle, H929 and creeping H7431 thing, and beast H2416 of the earth H776 after his kind: H4327 and it was so. H3651
Matthew 8:27
But the men G444 marveled, G2296 saying, G3004 What G4217 manner G4217 of man is this, G3778 that even G2532 the winds G417 and the sea G2281 obey G5219 him!