Genesis 1:14
And God H430 said, H559 Let there be lights H3974 in the firmament H7549 of the heaven H8064 to divide H914 the day H3117 from the night; H3915 and let them be for signs, H226 and for seasons, H4150 and for days, H3117 and years: H8141
Genesis 1:20
And God H430 said, H559 Let the waters H4325 bring H8317 forth H8317 abundantly H8317 the moving H8318 creature H8318 that has life, H2416 and fowl H5775 that may fly H5774 above H5921 the earth H776 in the open H6440 firmament H7549 of heaven. H8064
Genesis 7:11
In the six H8337 hundredth H3967 year H8141 of Noah's H5146 life, H2416 in the second H8145 month, H2320 the seventeenth H7651 H6240 day H3117 of the month, H2320 the same H2088 day H3117 were all H3605 the fountains H4599 of the great H7227 deep H8415 broken H1234 up, and the windows H699 of heaven H8064 were opened. H6605
Genesis 7:12
And the rain H1653 was on the earth H776 forty H705 days H3117 and forty H705 nights. H3915
Job 26:7
He stretches H5186 out the north H6828 over H5921 the empty H8414 place, H8414 and hangs H8518 the earth H776 on nothing. H1099
Job 26:8
He binds H6887 up the waters H4325 in his thick clouds; H5645 and the cloud H6051 is not rent H1234 under H5921 them.
Job 26:13
By his spirit H7307 he has garnished H8235 the heavens; H8064 his hand H3027 has formed H2342 the crooked H1281 serpent. H5175
Job 37:11
Also H637 by watering H7377 he wearies H2959 the thick cloud: H5645 he scatters H6327 his bright H216 cloud: H6051
Job 37:18
Have you with him spread H7554 out the sky, H7834 which is strong, H2389 and as a molten H3332 looking H7209 glass? H7209
Job 38:22-26
Have you entered H935 into H413 the treasures H214 of the snow? H7950 or have you seen H7200 the treasures H214 of the hail, H1259
Which H834 I have reserved H2820 against the time H6256 of trouble, H6862 against the day H3117 of battle H7128 and war? H4421
By what H335 H2088 way H1870 is the light H216 parted, H2505 which scatters H6327 the east H6921 wind on the earth? H776
Who H4310 has divided H6385 a watercourse H8585 for the overflowing H7858 of waters, or a way H1870 for the lightning H2385 of thunder; H6963
To cause it to rain H4305 on H5921 the earth, H776 where no H3808 man H376 is; on the wilderness, H4057 wherein there is no H3808 man; H120
Psalm 19:1
To the chief H5329 Musician, H5329 A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 The heavens H8064 declare H5608 the glory H3519 of God; H410 and the firmament H7549 shows H5046 his handiwork. H4639 H3027
Psalm 33:6
By the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 were the heavens H8064 made; H6213 and all H3605 the host H6635 of them by the breath H7307 of his mouth. H6310
Psalm 33:9
For he spoke, H559 and it was done; he commanded, H6680 and it stood H5975 fast.
Psalm 104:2
Who cover H5844 yourself with light H216 as with a garment: H8008 who stretch H5186 out the heavens H8064 like a curtain: H3407
Psalm 136:5
To him that by wisdom H8394 made H6213 the heavens: H8064 for his mercy H2617 endures for ever. H5769
Psalm 136:6
To him that stretched H7554 out the earth H776 above H5921 the waters: H4325 for his mercy H2617 endures for ever. H5769
Psalm 148:4
Praise H1984 him, you heavens H8064 of heavens, H8064 and you waters H4325 that be above H4791 the heavens. H8064
Psalm 150:1
Praise H1984 you the LORD. H3050 Praise H1984 God H410 in his sanctuary: H6944 praise H1984 him in the firmament H7549 of his power. H5797
Ecclesiastes 11:3
If H518 the clouds H5645 be full H4390 of rain, H1653 they empty H7324 themselves on the earth: H776 and if H518 the tree H6086 fall H5307 toward the south, H1864 or toward the north, H6828 in the place H4725 where the tree H6086 falls, H5307 there H8033 it shall be.
Jeremiah 10:10
But the LORD H3068 is the true H571 God, H430 he is the living H2416 God, H430 and an everlasting H5769 king: H4428 at his wrath H7110 the earth H776 shall tremble, H7493 and the nations H1471 shall not be able H3201 to abide H3557 his indignation. H2195
Jeremiah 10:12
He has made H6213 the earth H776 by his power, H3581 he has established H3559 the world H8398 by his wisdom, H2451 and has stretched H5186 out the heavens H8064 by his discretion. H8394
Jeremiah 10:13
When he utters H5414 his voice, H6963 there is a multitude H1995 of waters H4325 in the heavens, H8064 and he causes the vapors H5387 to ascend H5927 from the ends H7097 of the earth; H776 he makes H6213 lightning H1300 with rain, H4306 and brings H3318 forth H3318 the wind H7307 out of his treasures. H214
Jeremiah 51:15
He has made H6213 the earth H776 by his power, H3581 he has established H3559 the world H8398 by his wisdom, H2451 and has stretched H5186 out the heaven H8064 by his understanding. H8394
Zechariah 12:1
The burden H4853 of the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 for Israel, H3478 said H5002 the LORD, H3068 which stretches H5186 forth the heavens, H8064 and lays the foundation H3248 of the earth, H776 and forms H3335 the spirit H7307 of man H120 within H7130 him.