Genesis 9:3
Every H3605 moving H7430 thing that lives H2416 shall be meat H402 for you; even as the green H3418 herb H6212 have I given H5414 you all H3605 things.
Job 38:39-41
Will you hunt H6679 the prey H2964 for the lion? H3833 or fill H4390 the appetite H2416 of the young H3715 lions, H3715
When H3588 they couch H7817 in their dens, H4585 and abide H3427 in the covert H5521 to lie in wait? H695
Who H4310 provides H3559 for the raven H6158 his food? H6718 when H3588 his young H3206 ones cry H7768 to God, H410 they wander H8582 for lack H1097 of meat. H400
Job 39:4
Their young H1121 ones are in good H2492 liking, H2492 they grow H7235 up with corn; H1250 they go H3318 forth, H3318 and return H7725 not to them.
Job 39:8
The range H3491 of the mountains H2022 is his pasture, H4829 and he searches H1875 after H310 every H3605 green H3387 thing.
Job 39:30
Her young H667 ones also suck H5966 up blood: H1818 and where H834 the slain H2491 are, there H8033 is she.
Job 40:15
Behold H2009 now H4994 behemoth, H930 which H834 I made H6213 with you; he eats H398 grass H2682 as an ox. H1241
Job 40:20
Surely H3588 the mountains H2022 bring H5375 him forth food, H944 where H8033 all H3605 the beasts H2416 of the field H7704 play. H7832
Psalm 104:14
He causes the grass H2682 to grow H6779 for the cattle, H929 and herb H6212 for the service H5656 of man: H120 that he may bring H3318 forth H3318 food H3899 out of the earth; H776
Psalm 145:15
The eyes H5869 of all H3605 wait H7663 on you; and you give H5414 them their meat H400 in due season. H6256
Psalm 145:16
You open H6605 your hand, H3027 and satisfy H7646 the desire H7522 of every H3605 living H2416 thing.
Psalm 147:9
He gives H5414 to the beast H929 his food, H3899 and to the young H1121 ravens H6158 which H834 cry. H7121