Psalm 33:6
By the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 were the heavens H8064 made; H6213 and all H3605 the host H6635 of them by the breath H7307 of his mouth. H6310
Psalm 33:9
For he spoke, H559 and it was done; he commanded, H6680 and it stood H5975 fast.
Psalm 148:5
Let them praise H1984 the name H8034 of the LORD: H3068 for he commanded, H6680 and they were created. H1254
Matthew 8:3
And Jesus G2424 put G1614 forth G1614 his hand, G5495 and touched G680 him, saying, G3004 I will; G2309 be you clean. G2513 And immediately G2112 his leprosy G3014 was cleansed. G2511
John 11:43
And when he thus G5023 had spoken, G2036 he cried G2905 with a loud G3173 voice, G5456 Lazarus, G2976 come G1204 forth. G1854
Job 36:30
Behold, H2005 he spreads H6566 his light H216 on it, and covers H3680 the bottom H8328 of the sea. H3220
Job 38:19
Where H335 is the way H1870 where H335 light H216 dwells? H7931 and as for darkness, H2822 where H335 is the place H4725 thereof,
Psalm 97:11
Light H216 is sown H2232 for the righteous, H6662 and gladness H8057 for the upright H3477 in heart. H3820
Psalm 104:2
Who cover H5844 yourself with light H216 as with a garment: H8008 who stretch H5186 out the heavens H8064 like a curtain: H3407
Psalm 118:27
God H410 is the LORD, H3068 which has showed us light: H216 bind H631 the sacrifice H2282 with cords, H5688 even to the horns H7161 of the altar. H4196
Isaiah 45:7
I form H3335 the light, H216 and create H1254 darkness: H2822 I make H6213 peace, H7965 and create H1254 evil: H7451 I the LORD H3068 do H6213 all these H428 things.
Isaiah 60:19
The sun H8121 shall be no H3808 more H5750 your light H216 by day; H3119 neither H3808 for brightness H5051 shall the moon H3394 give light H216 to you: but the LORD H3068 shall be to you an everlasting H5769 light, H216 and your God H430 your glory. H8597
John 1:5
And the light G5457 shines G5316 in darkness; G4653 and the darkness G4653 comprehended G2638 it not.
John 1:9
That was the true G228 Light, G5457 which G3739 lights G5461 every G3956 man G444 that comes G2064 into G1519 the world. G2889
John 3:19
And this G3778 is the condemnation, G2920 that light G5457 is come G2064 into G1519 the world, G2889 and men G444 loved G25 darkness G4655 rather G3123 than G2228 light, G5457 because G1063 their deeds G2041 were evil. G4190
2 Corinthians 4:6
For God, G2316 who G3588 commanded G2036 the light G5457 to shine G2989 out of darkness, G4655 has shined G2989 in our hearts, G2588 to give the light G5462 of the knowledge G1108 of the glory G1391 of God G2316 in the face G4383 of Jesus G2424 Christ. G5547
Ephesians 5:8
For you were sometimes G4218 darkness, G4655 but now G3568 are you light G5457 in the Lord: G2962 walk G4043 as children G5043 of light: G5457
Ephesians 5:14
Why G1352 he said, G3004 Awake G1453 you that sleep, G2518 and arise G450 from the dead, G3498 and Christ G5547 shall give you light. G2017
1 Timothy 6:16
Who G3588 only G3441 has G2192 immortality, G110 dwelling G3611 in the light G5457 which G3739 no G3762 man can approach G676 to; whom G3739 no G3762 man G444 has seen, G1492 nor G3761 can G1410 see: G1492 to whom G3739 be honor G5092 and power G2904 everlasting. G166 Amen. G281
1 John 1:5
This G3778 then G2532 is the message G1860 which G3739 we have heard G191 of him, and declare G312 to you, that God G2316 is light, G5457 and in him is no G3756 darkness G4653 at G3762 all. G3762
1 John 2:8
Again, G3825 a new G2537 commandment G1785 I write G1125 to you, which G3739 thing is true G227 in him and in you: because G3754 the darkness G4653 is past, G3855 and the true G228 light G5457 now G2235 shines. G5316