Psalm 24:1
A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 The earth H776 is the LORD's, H3068 and the fullness H4393 thereof; the world, H8398 and they that dwell H3427 therein.
Psalm 115:16
The heaven, H8064 even the heavens, H8064 are the LORD's: H3068 but the earth H776 has he given H5414 to the children H1121 of men. H120
Hosea 2:8
For she did not know H3045 that I gave H5414 her corn, H1715 and wine, H8492 and oil, H3323 and multiplied H7235 her silver H3701 and gold, H2091 which they prepared H6213 for Baal. H1168
Acts 17:24
God G2316 that made G4160 the world G2889 and all G3956 things therein, G1722 G846 seeing that he is Lord G2962 of heaven G3772 and earth, G1093 dwells G2730 not in temples G3485 made G5499 with hands; G5499
Acts 17:25
Neither G3761 is worshipped G2323 with men's G444 hands, G5495 as though he needed G4326 any G5100 thing, seeing he gives G1325 to all G3956 life, G2222 and breath, G4157 and all G3956 things;
Acts 17:28
For in him we live, G2198 and move, G2795 and have our being; G2070 as certain G5100 also G2532 of your G2596 G5209 own G2596 poets G4163 have said, G2046 For we are also G2532 his offspring. G1085
1 Timothy 6:17
Charge G3853 them that are rich G4145 in this G3588 G3568 world, G165 that they be not high minded, G5309 nor G3366 trust G1679 in uncertain G83 riches, G4149 but in the living G2198 God, G2316 who G3588 gives G3930 us richly G4146 all G3956 things to enjoy; G619
Genesis 2:16
And the LORD H3068 God H430 commanded H6680 the man, H120 saying, H559 Of every H3605 tree H6086 of the garden H1588 you may freely eat: H398
Genesis 9:3
Every H3605 moving H7430 thing that lives H2416 shall be meat H402 for you; even as the green H3418 herb H6212 have I given H5414 you all H3605 things.
Job 36:31
For by them judges H1777 he the people; H5971 he gives H5414 meat H400 in abundance. H4342
Psalm 104:14
He causes the grass H2682 to grow H6779 for the cattle, H929 and herb H6212 for the service H5656 of man: H120 that he may bring H3318 forth H3318 food H3899 out of the earth; H776
Psalm 104:15
And wine H3196 that makes glad H8056 the heart H3824 of man, H582 and oil H8081 to make his face H6440 to shine, H6670 and bread H3899 which strengthens H5582 man's H582 heart. H3824
Psalm 104:27
These wait H7663 all H3605 on you; that you may give H5414 them their meat H400 in due season. H6256
Psalm 104:28
That you give H5414 them they gather: H3950 you open H6605 your hand, H3027 they are filled H7646 with good. H2896
Psalm 111:5
He has given H5414 meat H2964 to them that fear H3373 him: he will ever H5769 be mindful H2142 of his covenant. H1285
Psalm 136:25
Who gives H5414 food H3899 to all H3605 flesh: H1320 for his mercy H2617 endures for ever. H5769
Psalm 145:15
The eyes H5869 of all H3605 wait H7663 on you; and you give H5414 them their meat H400 in due season. H6256
Psalm 145:16
You open H6605 your hand, H3027 and satisfy H7646 the desire H7522 of every H3605 living H2416 thing.
Psalm 146:7
Which executes H6213 judgment H4941 for the oppressed: H6231 which gives H5414 food H3899 to the hungry. H7456 The LORD H3068 looses H5425 the prisoners: H631
Psalm 147:9
He gives H5414 to the beast H929 his food, H3899 and to the young H1121 ravens H6158 which H834 cry. H7121
Isaiah 33:16
He shall dwell H7931 on high: H4791 his place of defense H4869 shall be the munitions H4679 of rocks: H5553 bread H3899 shall be given H5414 him; his waters H4325 shall be sure. H539
Matthew 6:11
Give G1325 us this G4594 day G4594 our daily G1967 bread. G740
Matthew 6:25
Therefore G1223 G5124 I say G3004 to you, Take no G3361 thought G3309 for your G5216 life, G5590 what G5101 you shall eat, G5315 or what G5101 you shall drink; G4095 nor G3366 yet for your G5216 body, G4983 what G5101 you shall put G1746 on. G1746 Is not the life G5590 more G4119 than meat, G5160 and the body G4983 than raiment? G1742
Matthew 6:26
Behold G1689 the fowls G4071 of the air: G3772 for they sow G4687 not, neither G3761 do they reap, G2325 nor G3761 gather G4863 into G1519 barns; G596 yet your G5216 heavenly G3770 Father G3962 feeds G5142 them. Are you not much G3123 better G1308 than they?
Acts 14:17
Nevertheless G2544 he left G863 not himself G1438 without G267 witness, G267 in that he did G15 good, G15 and gave G1325 us rain G5205 from heaven, G3771 and fruitful G2593 seasons, G2540 filling G1705 our hearts G2588 with food G5160 and gladness. G2167