Genesis 1:22
And God H430 blessed H1288 them, saying, H559 Be fruitful, H6509 and multiply, H7235 and fill H4390 the waters H4325 in the seas, H3220 and let fowl H5775 multiply H7235 in the earth. H776
Genesis 8:17
Bring H3318 forth H3318 with you every H3605 living H2416 thing that is with you, of all H3605 flesh, H1320 both of fowl, H5775 and of cattle, H929 and of every H3605 creeping H7431 thing that creeps H7430 on the earth; H776 that they may breed H8317 abundantly H8317 in the earth, H776 and be fruitful, H6509 and multiply H7235 on the earth. H776
Genesis 9:1
And God H430 blessed H1288 Noah H5146 and his sons, H1121 and said H559 to them, Be fruitful, H6509 and multiply, H7235 and replenish H4390 the earth. H776
Genesis 9:7
And you, be you fruitful, H6509 and multiply; H7235 bring H8317 forth H8317 abundantly H8317 in the earth, H776 and multiply H7235 therein.
Genesis 17:16
And I will bless H1288 her, and give H5414 you a son H1121 also H1571 of her: yes, I will bless H1288 her, and she shall be a mother of nations; H1471 kings H4428 of people H5971 shall be of her.
Genesis 17:20
And as for Ishmael, H3458 I have heard H8085 you: Behold, H2009 I have blessed H1288 him, and will make him fruitful, H6509 and will multiply H7235 him exceedingly; H3966 twelve H8147 H6240 princes H5387 shall he beget, H3205 and I will make H5414 him a great H1419 nation. H1471
Genesis 22:17
That in blessing H1288 I will bless H1288 you, and in multiplying H7235 I will multiply H7235 your seed H2233 as the stars H3556 of the heaven, H8064 and as the sand H2344 which H834 is on the sea H3220 shore; H8193 and your seed H2233 shall possess H3423 the gate H8179 of his enemies; H341
Genesis 22:18
And in your seed H2233 shall all H3605 the nations H1471 of the earth H776 be blessed; H1288 because H6118 H834 you have obeyed H8085 my voice. H6963
Genesis 24:60
And they blessed H1288 Rebekah, H7259 and said H559 to her, You are our sister, H269 be you the mother of thousands H505 of millions, H7233 and let your seed H2233 possess H3423 the gate H8179 of those which hate H8130 them.
Genesis 26:3
Sojourn H1481 in this H2063 land, H776 and I will be with you, and will bless H1288 you; for to you, and to your seed, H2233 I will give H5414 all H3605 these H411 countries, H776 and I will perform H6965 the oath H7621 which H834 I swore H7650 to Abraham H85 your father; H1
Genesis 26:4
And I will make your seed H2233 to multiply H7235 as the stars H3556 of heaven, H8064 and will give H5414 to your seed H2233 all H3605 these H411 countries; H776 and in your seed H2233 shall all H3605 the nations H1471 of the earth H776 be blessed; H1288
Genesis 26:24
And the LORD H3068 appeared H7200 to him the same H1931 night, H3915 and said, H559 I am the God H430 of Abraham H85 your father: H1 fear H3372 not, for I am with you, and will bless H1288 you, and multiply H7235 your seed H2233 for my servant H5650 Abraham's H85 sake. H5668
Genesis 33:5
And he lifted H5375 up his eyes, H5869 and saw H7200 the women H802 and the children; H3206 and said, H559 Who H4310 are those H428 with you? And he said, H559 The children H3206 which H834 God H430 has graciously H2603 given H2603 your servant. H5650
Genesis 49:25
Even by the God H410 of your father, H1 who shall help H5826 you; and by the Almighty, H7706 who shall bless H1288 you with blessings H1293 of heaven H8064 above, H5921 blessings H1293 of the deep H8415 that lies H7257 under, H8478 blessings H1293 of the breasts, H7699 and of the womb: H7356
Leviticus 26:9
For I will have respect H6437 to you, and make you fruitful, H6509 and multiply H7235 you, and establish H6965 my covenant H1285 with you.
1 Chronicles 4:10
And Jabez H3258 called H7121 on the God H430 of Israel, H3478 saying, H559 Oh H518 that you would bless H1288 me indeed, and enlarge H7235 my coast, H1366 and that your hand H3027 might be with me, and that you would keep H6213 me from evil, H7451 that it may not grieve H6087 me! And God H430 granted H935 him that which H834 he requested. H7592
1 Chronicles 26:5
Ammiel H5988 the sixth, H8345 Issachar H3485 the seventh, H7637 Peulthai H6469 the eighth: H8066 for God H430 blessed H1288 him.
Job 42:12
So the LORD H3068 blessed H1288 the latter H319 end of Job H347 more than his beginning: H7225 for he had H1961 fourteen H702 H6246 thousand H505 sheep, H6629 and six H8337 thousand H505 camels, H1581 and a thousand H505 yoke H6776 of oxen, H1241 and a thousand H505 she asses. H860
Psalm 107:38
He blesses H1288 them also, so that they are multiplied H7235 greatly; H3966 and suffers not their cattle H929 to decrease. H4591
Psalm 127:1-5
A Song H7892 of degrees H4609 for Solomon. H8010 Except H518 H3808 the LORD H3068 build H1129 the house, H1004 they labor H5998 in vain H7723 that build H1129 it: except H3808 the LORD H3068 keep H8104 the city, H5892 the watchman H8104 wakes H8245 but in vain. H7723
It is vain H7723 for you to rise H6965 up early, H7925 to sit H3427 up late, H309 to eat H398 the bread H3899 of sorrows: H6089 for so H3651 he gives H5414 his beloved H3039 sleep. H8142
See, H2009 children H1121 are an heritage H5159 of the LORD: H3068 and the fruit H6529 of the womb H990 is his reward. H7939
As arrows H2671 are in the hand H3027 of a mighty H1368 man; so H3651 are children H1121 of the youth. H5271
Happy H835 is the man H1397 that has his quiver H827 full H4390 of them: they shall not be ashamed, H954 but they shall speak H1696 with the enemies H341 in the gate. H8179
Psalm 128:3
Your wife H802 shall be as a fruitful H6509 vine H1612 by the sides H3411 of your house: H1004 your children H1121 like olive H2132 plants H8363 round H5439 about your table. H7979
Psalm 128:4
Behold, H2009 that thus H3651 shall the man H1397 be blessed H1288 that fears H3373 the LORD. H3068
Isaiah 45:18
For thus H3541 said H559 the LORD H3068 that created H1254 the heavens; H8064 God H430 himself H1931 that formed H3335 the earth H776 and made H6213 it; he has established H3559 it, he created H1254 it not in vain, H8414 he formed H3335 it to be inhabited: H3427 I am the LORD; H3068 and there is none H369 else. H5750
1 Timothy 4:3
Forbidding G2967 to marry, G1060 and commanding to abstain G567 from meats, G1033 which G3739 God G2316 has created G2936 to be received G3336 with thanksgiving G2169 of them which believe G4103 and know G1921 the truth. G225
Psalm 69:34
Let the heaven H8064 and earth H776 praise H1984 him, the seas, H3220 and every H3605 thing that moves H7430 therein.