Genesis 2:19
And out of the ground H127 the LORD H3068 God H430 formed H3335 every beast H2416 of the field, H7704 and every H3605 fowl H5775 of the air; H8064 and brought H935 them to Adam H120 to see H7200 what H4100 he would call H7121 them: and whatever H3605 H834 Adam H120 called H7121 every H3605 living H2416 creature, H5315 that was the name H8034 thereof.
Genesis 2:20
And Adam H120 gave H7121 names H8034 to all H3605 cattle, H929 and to the fowl H5775 of the air, H8064 and to every H3605 beast H2416 of the field; H7704 but for Adam H120 there was not found H4672 an help H5828 meet H5828 for him.
Job 12:8-10
Or H176 speak H7878 to the earth, H776 and it shall teach H3384 you: and the fishes H1709 of the sea H3220 shall declare H5608 to you.
Who H4310 knows H3045 not in all H3605 these H428 that the hand H3027 of the LORD H3068 has worked H6213 this? H2063
In whose H834 hand H3027 is the soul H5315 of every H3605 living H2416 thing, and the breath H7307 of all H3605 mankind. H1320 H376
Job 26:13
By his spirit H7307 he has garnished H8235 the heavens; H8064 his hand H3027 has formed H2342 the crooked H1281 serpent. H5175