Genesis 6:20
Of fowls H5775 after their kind, H4327 and of cattle H929 after their kind, H4327 of every H3605 creeping H7431 thing of the earth H127 after his kind, H4327 two H8147 of every H3605 sort shall come H935 to you, to keep H8104 them alive. H2421
Genesis 7:14
They, and every H3605 beast H2416 after his kind, H4327 and all H3605 the cattle H929 after their kind, H4327 and every H3605 creeping H7431 thing that creeps H7430 on the earth H776 after his kind, H4327 and every H3605 fowl H5775 after his kind, H4327 every H3605 bird H6833 of every H3605 sort. H3671
Genesis 8:19
Every H3605 beast, H2416 every H3605 creeping H7431 thing, and every H3605 fowl, H5775 and whatever H3605 creeps H7430 on the earth, H776 after their kinds, H4940 went H3318 forth H3318 out of the ark. H8392
Job 38:39
Will you hunt H6679 the prey H2964 for the lion? H3833 or fill H4390 the appetite H2416 of the young H3715 lions, H3715
Job 38:40
When H3588 they couch H7817 in their dens, H4585 and abide H3427 in the covert H5521 to lie in wait? H695
Job 39:1
Know H3045 you the time H6256 when the wild H3277 goats H3277 of the rock H5553 bring H3205 forth? H3205 or can you mark H8104 when the hinds H355 do calve? H2342
Job 39:5
Who H4310 has sent H7971 out the wild H6501 ass H6501 free? H2670 or who H4310 has loosed H6605 the bands H4147 of the wild H6171 ass? H6171
Job 39:9
Will the unicorn H7214 be willing H14 to serve H5647 you, or abide H3885 by your crib? H18
Job 39:19
Have you given H5414 the horse H5483 strength? H1369 have you clothed H3847 his neck H6677 with thunder? H7483
Job 40:15
Behold H2009 now H4994 behemoth, H930 which H834 I made H6213 with you; he eats H398 grass H2682 as an ox. H1241
Psalm 50:9
I will take H3947 no H3808 bullock H6499 out of your house, H1004 nor he goats H6260 out of your folds. H4356
Psalm 50:10
For every H3605 beast H2416 of the forest H3293 is mine, and the cattle H929 on a thousand H505 hills. H2042
Psalm 104:18
The high H1364 hills H2022 are a refuge H4268 for the wild H3277 goats; H3277 and the rocks H5553 for the conies. H8227
Psalm 104:23
Man H120 goes H3318 forth H3318 to his work H6467 and to his labor H5656 until H5704 the evening. H6153
Psalm 148:10
Beasts, H2416 and all H3605 cattle; H929 creeping H7431 things, and flying H3671 fowl: H6833