Genesis 1:22
And God H430 blessed H1288 them, saying, H559 Be fruitful, H6509 and multiply, H7235 and fill H4390 the waters H4325 in the seas, H3220 and let fowl H5775 multiply H7235 in the earth. H776
Genesis 2:19
And out of the ground H127 the LORD H3068 God H430 formed H3335 every beast H2416 of the field, H7704 and every H3605 fowl H5775 of the air; H8064 and brought H935 them to Adam H120 to see H7200 what H4100 he would call H7121 them: and whatever H3605 H834 Adam H120 called H7121 every H3605 living H2416 creature, H5315 that was the name H8034 thereof.
Genesis 8:17
Bring H3318 forth H3318 with you every H3605 living H2416 thing that is with you, of all H3605 flesh, H1320 both of fowl, H5775 and of cattle, H929 and of every H3605 creeping H7431 thing that creeps H7430 on the earth; H776 that they may breed H8317 abundantly H8317 in the earth, H776 and be fruitful, H6509 and multiply H7235 on the earth. H776
Psalm 104:24
O LORD, H3068 how H4100 manifold H7231 are your works! H4639 in wisdom H2451 have you made H6213 them all: H3605 the earth H776 is full H4390 of your riches. H7075
Psalm 104:25
So is this H2088 great H1419 and wide H7342 H3027 sea, H3220 wherein H8033 are things creeping H7431 innumerable, H7342 H3027 both small H6996 and great H1419 beasts. H2416
Psalm 148:10
Beasts, H2416 and all H3605 cattle; H929 creeping H7431 things, and flying H3671 fowl: H6833
Acts 17:25
Neither G3761 is worshipped G2323 with men's G444 hands, G5495 as though he needed G4326 any G5100 thing, seeing he gives G1325 to all G3956 life, G2222 and breath, G4157 and all G3956 things;
1 Kings 4:33
And he spoke H1696 of trees, H6086 from the cedar H730 tree H6086 that is in Lebanon H3844 even to the hyssop H231 that springs H3318 out of the wall: H7023 he spoke H1696 also of beasts, H929 and of fowl, H5775 and of creeping H7431 things, and of fishes. H1709
Genesis 1:30
And to every H3605 beast H2416 of the earth, H776 and to every H3605 fowl H5775 of the air, H8064 and to every H3605 thing that creeps H7430 on the earth, H776 wherein H834 there is life, H2416 I have given every H3605 green H3418 herb H6212 for meat: H402 and it was so. H3651
Ecclesiastes 2:21
For there is a man H120 whose labor H5999 is in wisdom, H2451 and in knowledge, H1847 and in equity; H3788 yet to a man H120 that has not labored H5998 therein shall he leave H5414 it for his portion. H2506 This H2088 also H1571 is vanity H1892 and a great H7227 evil. H7451
Genesis 1:7
And God H430 made H6213 the firmament, H7549 and divided H914 the waters H4325 which H834 were under H8478 the firmament H7549 from the waters H4325 which H834 were above H5921 the firmament: H7549 and it was so. H3651
Genesis 1:14
And God H430 said, H559 Let there be lights H3974 in the firmament H7549 of the heaven H8064 to divide H914 the day H3117 from the night; H3915 and let them be for signs, H226 and for seasons, H4150 and for days, H3117 and years: H8141