Job 26:7
He stretches H5186 out the north H6828 over H5921 the empty H8414 place, H8414 and hangs H8518 the earth H776 on nothing. H1099
Isaiah 45:18
For thus H3541 said H559 the LORD H3068 that created H1254 the heavens; H8064 God H430 himself H1931 that formed H3335 the earth H776 and made H6213 it; he has established H3559 it, he created H1254 it not in vain, H8414 he formed H3335 it to be inhabited: H3427 I am the LORD; H3068 and there is none H369 else. H5750
Jeremiah 4:23
I beheld H7200 the earth, H776 and, see, H2009 it was without H8414 form, H8414 and void; H922 and the heavens, H8064 and they had no H369 light. H216
Nahum 2:10
She is empty, H950 and void, H4003 and waste: H1110 and the heart H3820 melts, H4549 and the knees H1290 smite H6375 together, and much H2479 pain H2479 is in all H3605 loins, H4975 and the faces H6440 of them all H3605 gather H6908 blackness. H6289
Job 26:14
See, H2005 these H428 are parts H7098 of his ways: H1870 but how H4100 little H8102 a portion H1697 is heard H8085 of him? but the thunder H7482 of his power H1369 who H4310 can understand? H995
Psalm 33:6
By the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 were the heavens H8064 made; H6213 and all H3605 the host H6635 of them by the breath H7307 of his mouth. H6310
Psalm 104:30
You send H7971 forth your spirit, H7307 they are created: H1254 and you renew H2318 the face H6440 of the earth. H127
Isaiah 40:12-14
Who H4310 has measured H4058 the waters H4325 in the hollow H8168 of his hand, and meted H8505 out heaven H8064 with the span, H2239 and comprehended H3557 the dust H6083 of the earth H776 in a measure, H7991 and weighed H8254 the mountains H2022 in scales, H6425 and the hills H1389 in a balance? H3976
Who H4310 has directed H8505 the Spirit H7307 of the LORD, H3068 or being his counselor H6098 has taught H3045 him?
With whom H4310 took he counsel, H3289 and who instructed H995 him, and taught H3925 him in the path H734 of judgment, H4941 and taught H3925 him knowledge, H1847 and showed H3045 to him the way H1870 of understanding? H8394