Psalm 19:6
His going H4161 forth H4161 is from the end H7097 of the heaven, H8064 and his circuit H8622 to the ends H7098 of it: and there is nothing H369 hid H5641 from the heat H2535 thereof.
Jeremiah 31:35
Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD, H3068 which gives H5414 the sun H8121 for a light H216 by day, H3119 and the ordinances H2708 of the moon H3394 and of the stars H3556 for a light H216 by night, H3915 which divides H7280 the sea H3220 when the waves H1530 thereof roar; H1993 The LORD H3068 of hosts H6635 is his name: H8034