Genesis 9:13
I do set H5414 my bow H7198 in the cloud, H6051 and it shall be for a token H226 of a covenant H1285 between H996 me and the earth. H776
Job 38:12
Have you commanded H6680 the morning H1242 since H4480 your days; H3117 and caused the dayspring H7837 to know H3045 his place; H4725
Psalm 8:1
To the chief Musician H5329 upon Gittith, H1665 A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 O LORD, H3068 our Lord, H113 how H4100 excellent H117 is your name H8034 in all H3605 the earth! H776 who H834 have set H5414 your glory H1935 above H5921 the heavens. H8064
Psalm 8:3
When H3588 I consider H7200 your heavens, H8064 the work H4639 of your fingers, H676 the moon H3394 and the stars, H3556 which H834 you have ordained; H3559
Acts 13:47
For so G3779 has the Lord G2962 commanded G1781 us, saying, I have set G5087 you to be a light G5457 of the Gentiles, G1484 that you should be for salvation G4991 to the ends G2078 of the earth. G1093