Deuteronomy 4:19
And lest H6435 you lift H5375 up your eyes H5869 to heaven, H8064 and when you see H7200 the sun, H8121 and the moon, H3394 and the stars, H3556 even all H3605 the host H6635 of heaven, H8064 should be driven H5080 to worship H7812 them, and serve H5647 them, which H834 the LORD H3068 your God H430 has divided H2505 to all H3605 nations H5971 under H8478 the whole H3605 heaven. H8064
Joshua 10:12-14
Then H227 spoke H1696 Joshua H3091 to the LORD H3068 in the day H3117 when the LORD H3068 delivered H5414 up the Amorites H567 before H6440 the children H1121 of Israel, H3478 and he said H559 in the sight H5869 of Israel, H3478 Sun, H8121 stand H1826 you still H1826 on Gibeon; H1391 and you, Moon, H3394 in the valley H6010 of Ajalon. H357
And the sun H8121 stood H1826 still, H1826 and the moon H3394 stayed, H5975 until H5704 the people H1471 had avenged H5358 themselves on their enemies. H341 Is not this H1931 written H3789 in the book H5612 of Jasher? H3477 So the sun H8121 stood H5975 still in the middle H2677 of heaven, H8064 and hurried H213 not to go H935 down about a whole H8549 day. H3117
And there was no H3808 day H3117 like that before H6440 it or after H310 it, that the LORD H3068 listened H8085 to the voice H6963 of a man: H376 for the LORD H3068 fought H3898 for Israel. H3478
Job 31:26
If H518 I beheld H7200 the sun H216 when H3588 it shined, H1984 or the moon H3394 walking H1980 in brightness; H3368
Job 38:7
When the morning H1242 stars H3556 sang H7442 together, H3162 and all H3605 the sons H1121 of God H430 shouted H7321 for joy?
Psalm 8:3
When H3588 I consider H7200 your heavens, H8064 the work H4639 of your fingers, H676 the moon H3394 and the stars, H3556 which H834 you have ordained; H3559
Psalm 19:6
His going H4161 forth H4161 is from the end H7097 of the heaven, H8064 and his circuit H8622 to the ends H7098 of it: and there is nothing H369 hid H5641 from the heat H2535 thereof.
Psalm 74:16
The day H3117 is yours, the night H3915 also H637 is yours: you have prepared H3559 the light H3974 and the sun. H8121
Psalm 136:7
To him that made H6213 great H1419 lights: H216 for his mercy H2617 endures for ever: H5769
Psalm 136:8
The sun H8121 to rule H4475 by day: H3117 for his mercy H2617 endures for ever: H5769
Psalm 136:9
The moon H3394 and stars H3556 to rule H4475 by night: H3915 for his mercy H2617 endures for ever. H5769
Psalm 148:3
Praise H1984 you him, sun H8121 and moon: H3394 praise H1984 him, all H3605 you stars H3556 of light. H216
Psalm 148:5
Let them praise H1984 the name H8034 of the LORD: H3068 for he commanded, H6680 and they were created. H1254
Isaiah 13:10
For the stars H3556 of heaven H8064 and the constellations H3685 thereof shall not give their light: H216 the sun H8121 shall be darkened H2821 in his going H3318 forth, H3318 and the moon H3394 shall not cause her light H216 to shine. H5050
Isaiah 24:23
Then the moon H3842 shall be confounded, H2659 and the sun H2535 ashamed, H954 when H3588 the LORD H3068 of hosts H6635 shall reign H4427 in mount H2022 Zion, H6726 and in Jerusalem, H3389 and before H5048 his ancients H2204 gloriously. H3519
Isaiah 45:7
I form H3335 the light, H216 and create H1254 darkness: H2822 I make H6213 peace, H7965 and create H1254 evil: H7451 I the LORD H3068 do H6213 all these H428 things.
Habakkuk 3:11
The sun H8121 and moon H3394 stood H5975 still in their habitation: H2073 at the light H216 of your arrows H2671 they went, H1980 and at the shining H5051 of your glittering H1300 spear. H2595
Matthew 24:29
Immediately G2112 after G3326 the tribulation G2347 of those G1565 days G2250 shall the sun G2246 be darkened, G4654 and the moon G4582 shall not give G1325 her light, G5338 and the stars G792 shall fall G4098 from heaven, G3772 and the powers G1411 of the heavens G3772 shall be shaken: G4531
Matthew 27:45
Now G1161 from the sixth G1623 hour G5610 there was darkness G4655 over G1909 all G3956 the land G1093 to the ninth G1766 hour. G5610
1 Corinthians 15:41
There is one G243 glory G1391 of the sun, G2246 and another G243 glory G1391 of the moon, G4582 and another G243 glory G1391 of the stars: G792 for one star G792 differs G1308 from another star G792 in glory. G1391
Revelation 16:8
And the fourth G5067 angel G32 poured G1632 out his vial G5357 on the sun; G2246 and power was given G1325 to him to scorch G2739 men G444 with fire. G4442
Revelation 16:9
And men G444 were scorched G2739 with great G3173 heat, G2738 and blasphemed G987 the name G3686 of God, G2316 which G3588 has G2192 power G1849 over G1909 these G5025 plagues: G4127 and they repented G3340 not to give G1325 him glory. G1391
Revelation 21:23
And the city G4172 had G2192 no G3756 need G5532 of the sun, G2246 neither G3761 of the moon, G4582 to shine G5316 in it: for the glory G1391 of God G2316 did lighten G5461 it, and the Lamb G721 is the light G3088 thereof. G846