Deuteronomy 4:19
And lest H6435 you lift H5375 up your eyes H5869 to heaven, H8064 and when you see H7200 the sun, H8121 and the moon, H3394 and the stars, H3556 even all H3605 the host H6635 of heaven, H8064 should be driven H5080 to worship H7812 them, and serve H5647 them, which H834 the LORD H3068 your God H430 has divided H2505 to all H3605 nations H5971 under H8478 the whole H3605 heaven. H8064
Job 25:3
Is there any number H4557 of his armies? H1416 and on whom H4310 does not his light H216 arise? H6965
Job 25:5
Behold H2005 even to the moon, H3394 and it shines H166 not; yes, the stars H3556 are not pure H2141 in his sight. H5869
Job 38:12-14
Have you commanded H6680 the morning H1242 since H4480 your days; H3117 and caused the dayspring H7837 to know H3045 his place; H4725
That it might take H270 hold H270 of the ends H3671 of the earth, H776 that the wicked H7563 might be shaken H5287 out of it?
It is turned H2015 as clay H2563 to the seal; H2368 and they stand H3320 as a garment. H3830
Psalm 8:3
When H3588 I consider H7200 your heavens, H8064 the work H4639 of your fingers, H676 the moon H3394 and the stars, H3556 which H834 you have ordained; H3559
Psalm 8:4
What H4100 is man, H582 that you are mindful H2142 of him? and the son H1121 of man, H120 that you visit H6485 him?
Psalm 19:1-6
To the chief H5329 Musician, H5329 A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 The heavens H8064 declare H5608 the glory H3519 of God; H410 and the firmament H7549 shows H5046 his handiwork. H4639 H3027
Day H3117 to day H3117 utters H5042 speech, H562 and night H3915 to night H3915 shows H2331 knowledge. H1847
There is no H369 speech H562 nor H369 language, H1697 where their voice H6963 is not heard. H8085
Their line H6957 is gone H3318 out through all H3605 the earth, H776 and their words H4405 to the end H7097 of the world. H8398 In them has he set H7760 a tabernacle H168 for the sun, H8121
Which is as a bridegroom H2860 coming H3318 out of his chamber, H2646 and rejoices H7797 as a strong H1368 man to run H7323 a race. H734
His going H4161 forth H4161 is from the end H7097 of the heaven, H8064 and his circuit H8622 to the ends H7098 of it: and there is nothing H369 hid H5641 from the heat H2535 thereof.
Psalm 74:16
The day H3117 is yours, the night H3915 also H637 is yours: you have prepared H3559 the light H3974 and the sun. H8121
Psalm 74:17
You have set H5324 all H3605 the borders H1367 of the earth: H776 you have made H3335 summer H7019 and winter. H2779
Psalm 104:19
He appointed H6213 the moon H3394 for seasons: H4150 the sun H8121 knows H3045 his going H3996 down.
Psalm 104:20
You make H7896 darkness, H2822 and it is night: H3915 wherein all H3605 the beasts H2416 of the forest H3293 do creep H7430 forth.
Psalm 119:91
They continue H5975 this day H3117 according to your ordinances: H4941 for all H3605 are your servants. H5650
Psalm 136:7-9
To him that made H6213 great H1419 lights: H216 for his mercy H2617 endures for ever: H5769
The sun H8121 to rule H4475 by day: H3117 for his mercy H2617 endures for ever: H5769
The moon H3394 and stars H3556 to rule H4475 by night: H3915 for his mercy H2617 endures for ever. H5769
Psalm 148:3
Praise H1984 you him, sun H8121 and moon: H3394 praise H1984 him, all H3605 you stars H3556 of light. H216
Psalm 148:6
He has also established H5975 them for ever H5703 and ever: H5769 he has made H5414 a decree H2706 which shall not pass. H5674
Isaiah 40:26
Lift H5375 up your eyes H5869 on high, H4791 and behold H7200 who H4310 has created H1254 these H428 things, that brings H3318 out their host H6635 by number: H4557 he calls H7121 them all H3605 by names H8034 by the greatness H7230 of his might, H202 for that he is strong H533 in power; H3581 not one H376 fails. H5737
Jeremiah 31:35
Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD, H3068 which gives H5414 the sun H8121 for a light H216 by day, H3119 and the ordinances H2708 of the moon H3394 and of the stars H3556 for a light H216 by night, H3915 which divides H7280 the sea H3220 when the waves H1530 thereof roar; H1993 The LORD H3068 of hosts H6635 is his name: H8034
Jeremiah 33:20
Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD; H3068 If H518 you can break H6565 my covenant H1285 of the day, H3117 and my covenant H1285 of the night, H3915 and that there should not be day H3119 and night H3915 in their season; H6256
Jeremiah 33:25
Thus H3541 said H559 the LORD; H3068 If H518 my covenant H1285 be not with day H3119 and night, H3915 and if I have not appointed H7760 the ordinances H2708 of heaven H8064 and earth; H776
Genesis 8:22
While H5750 the earth H776 remains, H3117 seedtime H2233 and harvest, H7105 and cold H7120 and heat, H2527 and summer H7019 and winter, H2779 and day H3117 and night H3915 shall not cease. H7673
Genesis 9:13
I do set H5414 my bow H7198 in the cloud, H6051 and it shall be for a token H226 of a covenant H1285 between H996 me and the earth. H776
Job 3:9
Let the stars H3556 of the twilight H5399 thereof be dark; H2821 let it look H6960 for light, H216 but have none; H369 neither H408 let it see H7200 the dawning H6079 of the day: H7837
Job 38:31
Can you bind H7194 the sweet H4575 influences H4575 of Pleiades, H3598 or H176 loose H6605 the bands H4189 of Orion? H3685
Job 38:32
Can you bring H3318 forth H3318 Mazzaroth H4216 in his season? H6256 or can you guide H5148 Arcturus H5906 with his sons? H1121
Psalm 81:3
Blow H8628 up the trumpet H7782 in the new H2320 moon, H2320 in the time appointed, H3677 on our solemn H2282 feast H2282 day. H3117
Ezekiel 32:7
And when I shall put H3518 you out, I will cover H3680 the heaven, H8064 and make the stars H3556 thereof dark; H6937 I will cover H3680 the sun H8121 with a cloud, H6051 and the moon H3394 shall not give her light. H216
Ezekiel 32:8
All H3605 the bright H3974 lights H3974 of heaven H8064 will I make dark H6937 over H5921 you, and set H5414 darkness H2822 on your land, H776 said H5002 the Lord H136 GOD. H3069
Ezekiel 46:1
Thus H3541 said H559 the Lord H136 GOD; H3069 The gate H8179 of the inner H6442 court H2691 that looks H6437 toward the east H6921 shall be shut H5462 the six H8337 working H4639 days; H3117 but on the sabbath H7676 it shall be opened, H6605 and in the day H3117 of the new H2320 moon H2320 it shall be opened. H6605
Ezekiel 46:6
And in the day H3117 of the new H2320 moon H2320 it shall be a young H1121 H1241 bullock H6499 without H8549 blemish, H8549 and six H8337 lambs, H3532 and a ram: H352 they shall be without H8549 blemish. H8549
Joel 2:10
The earth H776 shall quake H7264 before H6440 them; the heavens H8064 shall tremble: H7493 the sun H8121 and the moon H3394 shall be dark, H6937 and the stars H3556 shall withdraw H622 their shining: H5051
Joel 2:30
And I will show H5414 wonders H4159 in the heavens H8064 and in the earth, H776 blood, H1818 and fire, H784 and pillars H8490 of smoke. H6227
Joel 2:31
The sun H8121 shall be turned H2015 into darkness, H2822 and the moon H3394 into blood, H1818 before H6440 the great H1419 and terrible H3372 day H3117 of the LORD H3068 come. H935
Joel 3:15
The sun H8121 and the moon H3394 shall be darkened, H6937 and the stars H3556 shall withdraw H622 their shining. H5051
Amos 5:8
Seek him that makes H6213 the seven H3598 stars H3598 and Orion, H3685 and turns H2015 the shadow H6757 of death H6757 into the morning, H1242 and makes the day H3117 dark H2821 with night: H3915 that calls H7121 for the waters H4325 of the sea, H3220 and pours H8210 them out on the face H6440 of the earth: H776 The LORD H3068 is his name: H8034
Amos 8:9
And it shall come H1961 to pass in that day, H3117 said H5002 the Lord H136 GOD, H3069 that I will cause the sun H8121 to go H935 down at noon, H6672 and I will darken H2821 the earth H776 in the clear H216 day: H3117
Matthew 2:2
Saying, G3004 Where G4226 is he that is born G5088 King G935 of the Jews? G2453 for we have seen G1492 his star G792 in the east, G395 and are come G2064 to worship G4352 him.
Matthew 16:2
He answered G611 and said G2036 to them, When it is evening, G3798 you say, G3004 It will be fair G2105 weather: G2105 for the sky G3772 is red. G4449
Matthew 16:3
And in the morning, G4404 It will be foul G5494 weather G5494 to day: G4594 for the sky G3772 is red G4449 and lowering. G4768 O you hypocrites, G5273 you can G1097 discern G1252 the face G4383 of the sky; G3772 but can G1410 you not discern the signs G4592 of the times? G2540
Matthew 24:29
Immediately G2112 after G3326 the tribulation G2347 of those G1565 days G2250 shall the sun G2246 be darkened, G4654 and the moon G4582 shall not give G1325 her light, G5338 and the stars G792 shall fall G4098 from heaven, G3772 and the powers G1411 of the heavens G3772 shall be shaken: G4531
Mark 13:24
But in those G3588 days, G2250 after G3326 that tribulation, G2347 the sun G2246 shall be darkened, G4654 and the moon G4582 shall not give G1325 her light, G5338
Luke 21:25
And there shall be signs G4592 in the sun, G2246 and in the moon, G4582 and in the stars; G798 and on the earth G1093 distress G4928 of nations, G1484 with perplexity; G640 the sea G2281 and the waves G4535 roaring; G2278
Luke 21:26
Men's G444 hearts G674 failing G674 them for fear, G5401 and for looking G4329 after G4329 those G3588 things which are coming G1904 on G1904 the earth: G3625 for the powers G1411 of heaven G3772 shall be shaken. G4531
Luke 23:45
And the sun G2246 was darkened, G4654 and the veil G2665 of the temple G3485 was rent G4977 in the middle. G3319
Acts 2:19
And I will show G1325 wonders G5059 in heaven G3772 above, G507 and signs G4592 in the earth G1093 beneath; G2736 blood, G129 and fire, G4442 and vapor G822 of smoke: G2586
Acts 2:20
The sun G2246 shall be turned G4762 into G1519 darkness, G4655 and the moon G4582 into G1519 blood, G129 before G4250 G2228 the great G3173 and notable G2016 day G2250 of the Lord G2962 come: G2064
Revelation 6:12
And I beheld G1492 when G3753 he had opened G455 the sixth G1623 seal, G4973 and, see, G2400 there was a great G3173 earthquake; G4578 and the sun G2246 became G1096 black G3189 as sackcloth G4526 of hair, G5155 and the moon G4582 became G1096 as blood; G129
Revelation 8:12
And the fourth G5067 angel G32 sounded, G4537 and the third G5154 part of the sun G2246 was smitten, G4141 and the third G5154 part of the moon, G4582 and the third G5154 part of the stars; G792 so G2443 as the third G5154 part of them was darkened, G4654 and the day G2250 shone G5316 not for a third G5154 part of it, and the night G3571 likewise. G3668
Revelation 9:2
And he opened G455 the bottomless G12 pit; G5421 and there arose G305 a smoke G2586 out of the pit, G5421 as the smoke G2586 of a great G3173 furnace; G2575 and the sun G2246 and the air G109 were darkened G4654 by reason G1537 of the smoke G2586 of the pit. G5421