Isaiah 61:11
For as the earth H776 brings H3318 forth H3318 her bud, H6779 and as the garden H1593 causes the things that are sown H2221 in it to spring H6779 forth; so H3651 the Lord H136 GOD H3069 will cause righteousness H6666 and praise H8416 to spring H6779 forth before H5048 all H3605 the nations. H1471
Mark 4:28
For the earth G1093 brings G2592 forth G2592 fruit G2592 of herself; G844 first G4412 the blade, G5528 then G1534 the ear, G4719 after G1534 that the full G4134 corn G4621 in the ear. G4719
Isaiah 55:10
For as the rain H1653 comes H3381 down, H3381 and the snow H7950 from heaven, H8064 and returns H7725 not thither, H8033 but waters H7301 the earth, H776 and makes it bring H3205 forth H3205 and bud, H6779 that it may give H5414 seed H2233 to the sower, H2232 and bread H3899 to the eater: H398
Isaiah 55:11
So H3651 shall my word H1697 be that goes H3318 forth H3318 out of my mouth: H6310 it shall not return H7725 to me void, H7387 but it shall accomplish H6213 that which H834 I please, H2654 and it shall prosper H6743 in the thing whereto H834 I sent H7971 it.
Matthew 13:24-26
Another G243 parable G3850 put G3908 he forth G3908 to them, saying, G3004 The kingdom G932 of heaven G3772 is likened G3666 to a man G444 which sowed G4687 good G2570 seed G4690 in his field: G68
But while G1722 G3588 men G444 slept, G2518 his enemy G2190 came G2064 and sowed G4687 tares G2215 among G303 G3319 the wheat, G4621 and went G565 his way.
But when G3753 the blade G5528 was sprung G985 up, and brought G4160 forth G4160 fruit, G2590 then G5119 appeared G5316 the tares G2215 also. G2532
Luke 6:44
For every G1538 tree G1186 is known G1097 by his own G2398 fruit. G2590 For of thorns G173 men do not gather G4816 figs, G4810 nor G3761 of a bramble G942 bush G942 gather G5166 they grapes. G4718
2 Corinthians 9:10
Now G1161 he that ministers G2023 seed G4690 to the sower G4687 both G2532 minister G5524 bread G740 for your food, G1035 and multiply G4129 your G5216 seed G4703 sown, and increase G837 the fruits G1081 of your G5216 righteousness; G1343 )
Galatians 6:7
Be not deceived; G4105 God G2316 is not mocked: G3456 for whatever G3739 G1437 a man G444 sows, G4687 that shall he also G2532 reap. G2325